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10 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Tweeting About

10 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Tweeting About

Apart from creating a vibrant branded Twitter account for your startup, business owners should consider creating their own personal account on Twitter. Fans and followers often want to connect with the person behind the brand.

Giving customers and prospects a glimpse into the entrepreneur’s life and mindset can allow them to cultivate a deeper relationship with customers separately from the brand. The goal, of course, is to increase customers’ loyalty to the brand.

Here are 10 things every entrepreneur can tweet about, which can allow your clients and prospects to see another side of you:

1. Personal news: Share the big events of your personal life — vacations, weddings, births — the type of info you’d share with close friends. It can help keep your followers feeling like they’re “in the loop.” You’re also more likely to make a connection with followers who have experienced something similar.

2. Mistakes and lessons: Sharing mistakes and what you learned is a sign of growth, not weakness. Try doing a “What I learned this week” tweet and see how your followers respond.

3. Answers to questions: If someone asks a question on Twitter and you know the answer, share it. This can also be a way to develop a FAQ within your industry, which you can later point them to via a link.

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4. Links to articles: They key to sharing articles is to also include your unique opinion. Let others know why you liked or didn’t like an article.

Just remember that your opinion paints a public image, which means you should be cautious about which opinions you choose to share — ideally only those which are congruent with your market. Keep the rest to yourself.

5. Pictures of unusual things you see: If something catches your attention, it’s probably going to catch the attention of others, too. So why not share it? This includes visually impressive products, food and architecture.

6. Wisdom from the book you’re reading: When you hit a “golden nugget” of wisdom in a book, share it. It not only shows that you’re well read, but that you value wisdom. Those are two things that can only help your reputation.

7. Interesting advertising: When a billboard or any other advertising catches your attention, take a picture and tweet it. Everyone can benefit from seeing smart marketing.

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8. Fun purchases: Sharing your recent purchases, such as music, video games or sports equipment can stir up comments and conversations from others that have bought similar items and enjoy the same kind of entertainment.

9. Share wisdom from outside the world of business: Quotes from sports heroes, military leaders and artists can teach us about innovation and leadership, which are essential to business success.

10. Your work: The greatest links you can share are links to your personal work, but don’t limit that to what you do professionally only. If you have a hobby or passion for something creative, share it.

What types of tweets would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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