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List Building and Traffic Wave…My Why!

Hello Everyone,

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll
know I’m a big proponent of List Building. Actually,  it’s
the main reason I started Premium Leads Club.

I know from my own, and the experience of other successful
marketers, companies, and statistics, that email marketing
is the #1 way to profit online.

Today I got this from TW Sales and decided some may
find it was of interest…

If you are wondering how much you can earn as a TrafficWave Affiliate, this article is for you:

Right now, all over the world, TrafficWave Affiliates are building a consistent residual income stream by introducing affliate marketers and business owners to powerful email marketing tools.

TrafficWave Affiliates can earn weekly and monthly commissions, working part-time, from home.

There is literally no limit to how much you can earn with our system.

Learn More At

Yours In Success,

Robert Hamborg

Feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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How about some Ad Tracking?

So today I just wanted to touch a bit
on tracking your ads. Not going to be very
long:-) Just a few things to keep in mind!

It can be important to know where your
traffic is paying off. But, you should always
keep in mind there are a lot of variables.

Sometimes you may think that a certain source
is not giving you results. But also keep in
mind a few things.

Is it your subject/headline that is, or
is not converting? (this is where A/B testing
can come in handy). Trying different headlines
or subject lines to see which get higher open
rates can make a difference. Then consider your
content. I really like to impress short and sweet.
Reason being is that people generally are not going
to read a long sales letter. Let your web page/
Site do the Talking/Selling.

This is just a little of what could affect your
tracking. There are a lot of ways to use A/B
or split page tracking to your tracking efforts.

There are many Ad Tracking Services out there.
I think one of the best free ones is Leads Leap.
They have a variety of free tools, and you can
earn and advertise too.

You won’t get a lot of statistics, just hits,
but all of our GOT Sites have a Viral Url Cloaker.
It also gives you the little bit of monetization
of advertising your url to the site at the same

If you are on our Traffic Wave team, or belong to
Traffic Wave at all, they also have Ad Tracking.
Again, it is kinda limited to hits.

We also have an url shortener here:
It is simple but has some cool features too.

In the mean time here is a Free Package to help
with your Email Marketing:

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A Little about Ebooks and Marketing

So I posted this to my main blog today.

Also I will be starting another blog for Pinkham Communications to slowly take the place of this one. It will be located at

So I decided today to talk about ebooks and marketing. I use them quite a bit for promotion and I have a free package you can pick up at the end of this writing.

I have been asked a lot about writing ebooks and some people have difficulty coming up with ideas and content for their ebook. I have the problem quite a bit myself. I’m not a writer by trade. Or by any other means. I do write a lot of my own emails for marketing. Products, Services, whatever. Sometimes I work off others work. Sometimes I use PLR, (Private Label Rights) material.

You can do a Google search and you will come up with a lot of material there. You can check out others like Rapidshare, or other search engines, and you’ll get thousands of results.

If your gonna use them for marketing you need to be sure you can use them legally. one good reason I like PLR. Try to get stuff that’s quality writing or you can do more damage than good in the long run. People will start to avoid what you offer if you give away a lot of low quality stuff.

Now lets talk about promoting and driving traffic for a minute. First a good website or blog to host your products is important. Some people I know create a blog for each ebook. Easy to do and you can ping your blog and get some natural traffic from organic search results as well.

In driving the most online traffic and making money with your blog, you should post often and create posts that interest your past as well as potential customers. Regular posts that are interesting to read will keep your readers coming back and buying from you.

Next is creating a funnel for your offer. A well created funnel can maximize your sales before, during and after, (follow-up series) your original offer. You can create them yourself, get pre-made, or even outsource. You can use sites like freelance to find people who will do this for you at reasonable prices.

So I know i have not covered things in real depth. But it’s a start, and a few tips that I have learned over time.

Here is what I promised, kinda, at the beginning, who knows
the topics may interest you even:

20 High Quality and Professionally
Written PLR Ebooks Free!

All Come With the PDF, The Word Document
And Multiple Sizes 3D Ecovers JPG Format

Have a Great Holiday and Stay Safe,

Need Traffic? Visit my site below:

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Just Sayin…

Formal education will earn you a living but self education will earn you a fortune.” Jim Rohn

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[Must Attend Webinar] How to Build Automated Sales Funnels

Hello Everyone…

If you want to master one thing
that will lead to your success
online it’s PRODUCT CREATION, and
let me tell You there’s no one
better to learn from than John

John launched his first product
back in 2004, and since then he has
launched hundreds of his own
products that have generated
millions in sales.

And every single thing he has
learned since then is covered in
his latest training webinar.

On this webinar, you will learn
everything you need to know to
create and launch your very own
successful product online.

This is the ultimate 24/7 automated
business that every successful
marketer is doing, and if you’re
not doing it you really are missing

Find out more here.

Get in on this to Succeed!

You will receive bonus
worksheets, checklists,
presentation slides and more,
meaning once the event is over you
will have a step by step plan of

See You On the Imside!

Robert –

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Video on creating a “Customer Magnet”

This video shows you how to start attracting customers to your website by creating a digital “Customer Magnet” for your website or blog. This training is completely free (no opt-in) and is one of the key strategies I use myself to attract leads.

Check it out HERE
You also get the software they use to do it 100% free and it has a built in email auto-responder and its free too!

Seriously.. this is for real. These guys have been doing this for 10 years.. that’s like a lifetime in the online world.

So Go check it out

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PC tools for better performance and a faster computer!

Buy WinZip System Utilities Suite. PC tools for better performance and a faster computer!

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Online Security-Identity theft and Fraud

Data predicts that by the end of 2020, global ecommerce sales will reach $4.2 trillion and make up 16% of total retail sales. And these numbers are only predicted to go up as we continue into the ‘20s. More and more people are interested in the convenience of online shopping and are spending higher amounts. Unfortunately, the probabilities of becoming a victim of Internet fraud also are increasing.

Total identity fraud reached $16.9 billion (USD) in 2019 With over 270,000 reports, credit card fraud was the most common type of identity theft last year and more than doubled from 2017 to 2019. Complaints relating to online purchases or online shopping fraud raised by about 575% in the last 4 years. Remember you must file a complaint within two years from the date fraud, deficiency in service or defect in goods has arisen or detected.

While most reputable e-commerce websites, and online marketing companies have taken the necessary safety precautions to protect you, it never hurts to proceed cautiously. If you’re making a web purchase consider these easy steps:

1. Use only one card, I recommend a pre-paid debit card, (there are many, such as Greendot, AM-EX Serve, Bluebird, and many others), that you reserve for online purchases only. Transfer only enough money to that card to complete your purchases at that time. You may also consider a low limit credit card that you only use for this specific purpose.

2. Stay aware of unsolicited offers by sellers that you don’t know and trust. Scammers use email or text messages to fool you into giving up your personal information. They may try to steal your passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers. If they get that information, they might gain access to your email, bank, or other accounts. Scammers launch thousands of phishing attacks like these a day — and they’re often successful. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that folks lost $57 million to phishing schemes in one year. While the offer may be legitimate, spammers like to use these tactics to side-step reputable sites that provide consumer protection for online purchases.

3. Use only reputable websites that list Main corporate address or Local addresses, if applicable , Email address(es), Phone Number or numbers, if applicable, Chat, if applicable, Social media channels if applicable, Fax numbers, if applicable.

4. Read all of the website’s policies carefully. Some websites reserve the right to sell/give your information to a third party. Check the policies to see if they allow an opportunity to “opt-out” of receiving emails and/or special offers from the company and/or third-party vendors, or for permission to share your personal information. Every email should have a opt-out option at the bottom.

5. Check for a lock symbol in the address bar at the top left, you can click on that lock and see if the certificate is valid, how many cookies are in use, and to set site settings of your choice. Also, don’t provide your personal information if the web site address doesn’t start with “https” (a sign that the location is employing a secure server). Look for SSL Certificates and Trust Logos from reputable sources, and check that they are valid. Any data you submit to these websites over a https connection will be securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms. By choosing SSL for instance, the owners of these websites have proven that customer security is their highest priority,and the SSL certificate used by this website carries a $50,000 warranty to further protect customer purchases.

6. Choose only verified sellers. Check to see if the vendor is a verified member of a reputable third party such as the Better Business Bureau, VeriSign, Guardian eCommerce, Paypal verified, ect. These third-party sites help to make sure online consumers are going to be protected when shopping or conducting e-commerce transactions.

7. Make sure the delivery date posted is semi-normal . If you have not purchased from the vendor on a regular basis, be wary of any Website that states the shipment will be 15 or more days. Delivery dates of 7-10 days are most common.

8. Keep a written record of all online transactions. Print out a hard copy of the transaction and keep it in a folder for future reference.

9. Be very careful of website offers that sound too good to be true. The Internet is cluttered with get rich quick schemes and scams… and false advertising claims. Investigate all claims thoroughly before proceeding. I like to start with  but, there are many other resources for checking if a website and it’s owners are legit.

10. If you don’t get what you paid for, and the vendor does not return your emails or calls, contact your payment processor and/or card company as many of them have protections in place, and contact your state’s Department of Consumer Affairs for further assistance.

Hope this article helped you:


Robert Hamborg is owner/operator of PC Marketing Unlimited/
Pinkham Communications, and has been marketing online since 2003.


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What is your best FREE income or business opportunity? (Re-Post)

What is your best FREE income or business opportunity?
Asked by Neha K., in Internet & eBusiness
It’s truly a numbers game I think… you can have the best IM Biz in the world. Time or Money and the effort put into it. If you aren’t an action taker and don’t get the numbers, (Traffic and Advertising – and targeted) it doesn’t matter how good or “Best” your program or product is….then it’s not going to produce a thing for you. Although I do multiple streams of income, you can only spread yourself so thin unless you have the resources to outsource and pay for lots of advertising or spend lots of time doing it yourself. Theres just so many factors that come into play. If your an individual home marketer looking for a Free or Best that’s gonna make you a ton of money… good luck unless you have a lot of capital to put into it. I tried the time thing in the beginning way back when I started with quality programs and spent 12-15 hours a day making little more than a part-time income and spent thousands on top of that with marginal returns. You better love what you do!!! One man,(Woman), competing with corporate marketers is a big factor…not to mention a couple plus million others competing against you in the IM world these days. A huge mailing list or access to them is also important… as long as it’s a quality list and not a bunch of tire kickers looking for Free and/or Best programs that are gonna make them overnight successes! Again there’s a ton of factors to consider! Do it because you love it and if it promises you “Get Rich Today – Stay Away!!!”

Some Suggestions offered on Apsense were:

Best Side Business Ideas You Can Start While Working a Full-Time Job
1. Graphic Design
2. Web Design.
3. Web Development.
4. Commission-Only Sales.
5. Instagram Marketing.
6. Amazon Reselling.
7. Affiliate Sales and Marketing.
8. Social Media Manager.
9. Google Paid Ad Specialist.
10. Start a Blog.
11. Presentation Design Consultant.
12. Travel Consultant.
13. Landing Page Specialist.
14. Interior Design Consultant.
15. WordPress Website Consultant.
16. Develop an App.
17. Online News Correspondent.
18. Buy and Sell Domain Names.
19. Freelance Proofreading and Editing.
20. Data Analysis.
21. Copywriting for Websites.
22. Licensed Product Distributor.
23. Fill Out Online Surveys.
24. Personal Fitness Trainer.
25. Yoga or Meditation Instructor.
26. Start a YouTube Channel.
27. Translator.
28. Tour Guide.
29. Freelance Content Marketing.
30. Freelance Ebook Writing.
31. Building a Niche Website.
32. Computer Repair.
33. Computer Training and Lessons.
34. Contract Customer Service.
35. Purchasing an Existing Website.
36. Private Labeling and Selling Products on Amazon.
37. Build Custom Software for Freelance Clients.
38. Build a Chrome Extension.

JOIN Apsense Here:

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