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You Can’t Make $1000 Daily With a Home Business

This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there when it comes to making money online. Many shy away from the opportunity to succeed in the growing making money online industry because they simply believe success making such sums of money is impossible. The truth is that not only is making $1000 daily from home possible but making triple that amount is being achieved by average people every day.

So why isn’t there more people seeking success with a work from home business? The answer is because society has placed upon us the belief that the only way we can achieve an income is through long hours of hard work, and right now that is exactly what the majority does. What are the rewards you receive for working the jobs that society says you must seek out?

With jobs like these you are rewarded with (1) less time at home with your family,(2) a paycheck that barely supports your lifestyle, (3) a boss who is demanding, (4) retirement at a old age with a paycheck that barely covers expenses,(5) doomed to work the majority of your life,(6) and no job satisfaction. Now this if course is not the case with everyone out there because there are a few who are working a job they actually enjoy with a paycheck that is sufficient, but even though one of these six if not more will apply to that person.

That person working the job he or she enjoys with the nice paycheck will still have to work the majority of their live to achieve the true reward that many are finding with a work from home business. Those rewards are what is driving many to the home based business industry because they can accomplish so much in a relatively short amount of time.

With a home based business you can spend more time with your family because you will quite literally as implied work from home. Because you are your own boss and your hours are yours to make so you can work as little or as much as you want. The amount of cash that you can earn with a successful work from home business will not only support you and your family but eliminate your debts, and cut the amount of time you have to work towards a retirement in half.

There are many in the home based business field below the age of thirty five who have retired and never again have to concern themselves with a work schedule. These average people are making an impressive five or six figure income yearly and you know what that same success is available to all of us.

There are some who fail with a home based business because they lacked the right mindset. Once you find an opportunity that you like you must for the first three to six months commit yourself to its success. No this does not mean that you have to give all your time to a home based business, if that were the case then you would be no better off than with a traditional job. What will be required is to set time aside to learn your business, learn different marketing methods and strategies, and then set your business up on autopilot so that you can get paid while you sleep.

That is why the general rule is three to six months to achieve success, because for some it may take time to find that free time needed to work their new home business. Achieving that success can be faster if you have the time available, and there are many work from businesses that have done a majority of the work for you by providing all the tool you will need for success. Find that business that is right for you and God bless you on your future success.

I’m Jarkeith Hamilton at age 17 I realized I didn’t want to live in a state of financial dependence but rather one of financial freedom. My answer was my online business and now at age 29 I’m teaching the average person success [] after all don’t you deserve this?

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How To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety, And End Panic

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Affiliate Cash Lifestyle

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WinZip Standard!

Buy WinZip Standard. Compress, Encrypt and Share for only $49.95

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3 Surprising Ways to Find New Clients

3 Surprising Ways to Find New Clients

Meet Erika in person at her seminar ‘All Fired Up! Branding Tips That Will Make Any Business Burn with Passion’ at our 5th annual Growth Conference in Dallas Jan. 10. Reserve your spot today for free entry.

People tell me the weirdest stories. Some are tales of drunken escapades, brushes with law enforcement or photos inadvertently distributed on the internet. Others are more surprising: They star astonishingly sober folks hellbent on playing by their own business rules. One of my favorite themes of the second group: People who employ unconventional methods for connecting with new customers. Get ready to put their oddball antics to work for your business.

Traveling pants: Andy Dunn's Bonobos jeans. Traveling pants: Andy Dunn’s Bonobos jeans.

Make house calls.
Andy Dunn, founder and CEO of New York City-based Bonobos, wanted to sell a better brand of britches directly to men online, without stocking the product in stores. To build a customer base, he loaded up his car with samples and hosted private events in homes around New York. Gents could try the pants on and experience Bonobos’ better fit and better service model, then have the product shipped directly to their homes. His customers became his evangelists, and Dunn’s schedule filled up with in-home events. Bonobos reached its first $1 million in revenue without spending a dollar on customer acquisition (aside from the cost of gas). Today Bonobos boasts sales in the multimillions — and it all started by going directly to the customer.

Offer unlimited service.
Domain registrar is known for its exceptional customer service — and that’s not business as usual in the domain-name game. But how many businesses do you know that actively provide service to noncustomers? In early 2011 that’s exactly what did. Via Twitter, the team caught wind of a software developer whose domain name had been hijacked. (This can occur when your domain registrar mistakenly allows your name to be transferred without the proper authorization.) reached out to the noncustomer and subsequently tracked down the hijacker — all the way to Ukraine. The company’s outstanding efforts (and the good PR they generated) earned it a slew of domain transfers from other consumers.

Differentiate your direct mail.
Business consultant Ashley Ambirge is nothing if not unconventional. The mind behind The Middle Finger Project, which pushes people to “get your ass off the warm-up bench,” Ambirge encourages clients to take unconventional and sometimes rocky paths to achieve hell, yeah status in their businesses. A copywriter by trade, Ambirge decided to create a very targeted direct-mail campaign aimed at companies she wanted as clients — but she skipped out on traditional collateral materials. Instead, she went to a roofing supply company. Yes, a roofing supply company. She sent 30 companies (new home builders) a single roofing shingle inscribed with the words “My Company + Your Company = sales through the roof.” The result? A 100 percent response rate, with nearly every one of the responders becoming a client over the following year.

The key to unconventional customer acquisition is to remember to keep it about the customers. Think about their needs. Go where they are. Make them laugh. Help them. And, once you have them, provide exceptional service so they stick around and help you bag new customers.

Don’t worry if your competitors think you’re all about using shenanigans to bring folks to your door. We know that it’s all about your dedication to your current and future customers’ needs.

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This article was originally published in the December 2012 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Acquiring Minds. Did you find this story helpful? YesNo Thanks for making Entrepreneur better for everyone.Erika Napoletano

Erika Napoletano is Head Redhead at Redhead Writing, a Denver-based online strategies consultancy dedicated to keeping companies from looking like idiots online. Visit her (if you dare) at

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