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How To Work From Home to Make Money

Knowing how to work from home and make money can be challenging, especially when it seems that most people who work from home are actually losing money. Yes, statistics show that most new home based businesses fail… but, why? Well, the obvious is they run out of money “before” they start making money. But, why is this mistake repeated over and over again by so many hopeful entrepreneurs? The solution to how to work from home and make money may be as simple as first understanding the cause of most failures, and then to simply avoid them.

Understanding how the basics of business work and how they apply to a home business will give you a step up on how to work from home and actually make money. We all know that the first rule in any business is to bring a product or service to the marketplace and exchange it for money.

And, finding a product or service to bring to the market is the simple part… but, finding someone willing to part with their money to purchase it can be extremely expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. And, that is just the beginning of where most new start-ups fall short.

Home Based Money Pit?

There are start-up costs involved in starting any business, and home based businesses are no different. If you’re looking at opportunities to work at home so you can put a little extra cash in your pocket, you need to know that you will have to spend some of your cash up front before any cash starts coming back to you.

A small list of start-up costs can include:

Licenses and other legal fees.
Training materials. Many times plugging into websites that provide training will have monthly fees.
Depending of the business, computer software programs that help organize things are a must.
Inventory, for sales and for samples.
Marketing tools.
Ads, flyers, yellow pages, and other traditional marketing expenses. Traditional marketing can be effective on a local scale.
Online marketing expenses. Online marketing can be the life-blood to finding new customers.

And, that list can grow much larger with many money making opportunities. So, you will neither need to have an unlimited amount of money in the bank, or you will need to have at least a “ball park” figure of what it will cost you to get started. Otherwise, as history has shown, you are doomed to fail.

Don’t be discouraged by start-up costs because they are a part of doing business. Just be knowledgeable of what you are getting into. The most common mistake people make is only having enough money to get started, but not enough to begin the process of building that business and finding customers.

Finding customers is the challenge of every new owner. A common mistake many make is to throw money at expensive marketing methods that produce little results. It’s not usual for a new owner to spend hundreds of dollars on a marketing campaign that produces only pennies in profits. A few campaigns like that and you’re out of business.

Do-it-yourself to save… and, survive!

Home based businesses are by nature a “do-it-yourself” endeavor. Usually with one person or maybe one family, a home business will involve all the work being done “in house,” so to speak. Money to hire an outsider to do a job is simply not in the budget.

Most often things like record keeping & accounting, talking to customers and taking orders, ordering and shipping products, and keeping track of the bank account are all done by the owner. It’s easy for an owner to be overwhelmed at times, especially in the beginning, and when faced with the horror of no customers, and thus no income… mistakes can be made by trying to find a miracle marketing campaign to save them.

Unfortunately, many people mistake marketing as being some magical God given talent that you must be born with. And, if you’re not born with it you must hire someone who is. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Marketing is a skill that can be learned, as any other skill, with a little knowledge and training. And marketing is, of course, an extremely important skill that all too often is ignored until it’s too late.

The magic marketing word… “Free!”

Many ways to market a business include doing things that are free, like just talking to people who are interested in what you have to offer. But sometimes, finding enough people who are interested in what you have can be a real challenge. Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet!

Many failed businesses foolishly spend a fortune trying to market online. Paying for things like banner ads on websites, pay-per-click ads on Goggle or other sites, e-mail campaigns and even buying ads in online publications are expensive. But, here’s a little secret… marketing online can be absolute free if you take the time to learn how!

Ways to earn money through free internet marketing are becoming extremely effective. Why pay for something you can get free? Or more precisely, for something you can “do” for free.

By using common online tools we all know about, like…

Social Media
Online Articles

… you can quickly find a never-ending source of people who are interested in what you have to offer. Plus, you can demonstrate your knowledge of your products or services while giving potential customers the chance to get to know you. And, when people know you and feel comfortable with you… they will buy from you.

And, the best thing about all of this is… it’s FREE!

Yes, you can learn how to write short articles and blogs and place them online where your potential customers will see and read them. You can learn to make short 3 minute videos that show potential customers who you are and why they should buy from you. You can learn the power of social media and how to tap into it. Again, it’s just a matter of knowledge and training.

With a little effort, and some online research, you can find business opportunities that will train you how to work from home and make money using the power of internet marketing. Learning some new skills and then applying those skills to online marketing can be your ticket to successfully finding the answer [] to the question of “how to work from home and make money.”


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