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Custom Email Templates: Save It Once, Use It Everywhere

Earlier this year we announced a new message editor that’s available in all accounts. We’ve been continuing to work on it to make it better and better based on customer feedback.

The new editor has been great for our core customers: small business owners who don’t necessarily have the HTML skills they need to create the messages they envision. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add images, buttons, text blocks and more. What’s more, you can play with different themes even after you started adding your own content.

So maybe you drag-and-drop items in and make your perfect template. What happens when you want to use that template again? Or what if you made a broadcast message and want to use the same template for a follow up message? Or for a different list?

The template manager now allows you to save any message you create as a template:

This means no more copying and pasting HTML code in different sections! It’s all there no matter what type of message you’re creating.

But there’s more.

That template will also be available in all your lists.

So you create a broadcast in one list, save it as a template, and that template is now available in all your lists for both follow ups and broadcasts.

It’s really easy! You just need to:

1. Make sure you are using the new message editor, and
2. Click on the “Templates” button to choose a template or access the save option.

You can actually have a designer load a custom-built template right into the template manager, and then load it up – for any list – to type in your message and upload your pictures.

That’s what happened for this frustrated baker, who was better at cooking up pies than cooking up custom designs:

Stay tuned – on Wednesday we’ll talk about the template manager’s more advanced features the designer you hire will love!

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