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What Our Pets Teach Us About Marketing Relationships

Animals, especially pets, have a big job. They’re often used in marketing to attract attention, they provide tips on how to do email marketing and they’re our companions.

These pets of ours can also teach us about relationships, and more specifically, the relationships we develop with our audience. Some of our AWeber pets volunteered to pass on their wisdom to our readers…

Ed Long, Web Developer, says that while Sadie looks all cute and nice, she has a lot of attitude.

And just like it’s tempting to believe that Sadie is all angel, it’s also tempting to believe that every email address you have wants to be on your mailing list. But you have to respect people’s privacy, and only add people that have specifically requested to be on your mailing list in order to avoid spam complaints.

Heather Geiger, Customer Solutions Specialist, has a mutually beneficial relationship with her horse, Zach. He counts on her for the carrots, and she knows that he’s always up for a ride.

Relationships with your subscribers works the same way. Your subscribers can bring in more sales and referrals, while you provide valuable content and products.

Joe Hackney, Customer Solutions Specialist, has to teach his 10-month-old Corgi, Otis, about the world. From house training to tricks, what’s okay to eat and where he can’t lay down, Otis has lots of new rules to learn.

Your subscribers may need help from you to learn how to use your product or service. Make sure you provide detailed instructions, FAQs and how-to articles (hint: follow ups are great for this).

Liz Cies, Public Relations Specialist, is seen here with Scout. Scout’s a little nervous about being outside the comforts of home, but she trusts Liz will protect her.

You need your subscribers’ trust as well. They’re giving you their email address plus any other information you ask for, so include your privacy policy and make sure you stick to the expectations you set for them.

Megan Keenan, Customer Solutions Specialist, gets her dog Rylie pumped up for the holidays so they can celebrate together.

This is an easy one to work in your email campaign. You can send subscribers a gift or coupon on holidays, or provide helpful tips to help them prepare for whatever holiday is coming up.

Mike Smalley, Systems Administrator, loves his cat Desmond. And Desmond likes Mike – most of the time.

As long as your subscribers are subscribers, they like you. However, you can’t take advantage of that and start making changes – like go from sending one a week to every day. If you do want to make those changes, give your subscribers the option to stay at the frequency they’re at.

Anthony Acquaviva, Customer Solutions Specialist, knows that Jerry can fix any bad mood he’s in.

If you provide that same role with your subscribers, they’ll be sticking around for awhile! Try to use a friendly, personal tone and also check you email to make sure it’s relevant and ready to go before sending it out.

Robert Murphy, Customer Solutions Specialist, knows Cookie loves attention. And what better way for a dog to get attention than to get in costume?

Don’t be shy about getting fun and clever with your emails once in awhile – share something about your company’s culture, your personal life or anything else your subscribers will find interesting.

Feel free to share them with us below.

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