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10 Minutes of This a Day and Your Dreams Come True??

Hello Friends,

Can you make your dreams come true in just 10 minutes a day?

Surprisingly, the answer may be “Yes…”

…If you’re willing to devote those 10 minutes to using a cool
little tool I recently stumbled on.

It’s called Sculptor 3, and it uses the latest research and
technology to stimulate and program your subconscious mind to
literally manifest whatever it is you desire.

And yes, that does sound a bit metaphysical and new-age-ish…

But here’s the thing… it works.


Here’s why…

You’re familiar with affirmations and visualizations, right?

Both have been used for decades by top athletes, sales people,
actors, speakers, and anyone looking for powerful results.

Studies have proven conclusively that affirmations and
visualization work at manifesting desires.

That’s because the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between
actual reality and suggestions, either auditory or visual.

The subconscious processes suggestions (or affirmations) as
though they’re reality — and then goes about using its powerful
creative ability — to actualize those affirmations.

Sculptor 3 combines affirmations and visualization with 5 more
goal achieving technologies that are tested and proven to work…

–Alpha sound technology (to induce highly receptive meditative
–Subliminal technology
–Sentence completion
–Assignment writing/goal setting
–Whole brain synchronization (utilizing thought, intuition,
sensation and emotion)

With these 7 all working together, you achieve your goals and
dreams faster, easier, with less stress and less work.

Your desires will manifest themselves, sometimes in ways that
seem almost magical.

And you’ll feel as though you’re riding an enormous “lucky
streak” that doesn’t end.

I realize this all sounds a bit fantastic to most of us. But
think about this…

Imagine if you’re able to achieve your biggest goals in the next
few months…

These might be goals that you’ve set aside, thinking they were
just too big and too difficult to achieve.

They might be your dreams, the ones you thought were

Imagine achieving those.

What would that be like for you?

How would that change your life?

Robert Hamborg
Pinkham Communications

P.S. At the end of your life, you can either be glad you
accomplished all the things you wanted, or regret not having done

Your choice.

Yes, I know, that’s blunt, but we’re talking about your future
here, and your dreams.

What’s more important than that?


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