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Reimagining The GetResponse Brand

It’s a big day for us today at GetResponse.

I’m both excited and proud to introduce our new brand. Many of our team members worked tirelessly for the last few weeks to re-imagine GetResponse, and I’d like to tell you a short story about its evolution.

Over the years, our old logo has done an excellent job at building our brand’s awareness and it served GetResponse well during its time.

However, as the GetResponse product and experience evolved, we felt that our brand needed to evolve too.

Re-imagining GetResponse brand

We’re a young and passionate team, and we have a ton of fun doing what we love: designing and developing the product that helps you get better marketing results.

We felt that our new logo needed to reflect that fun and friendly part of who we are, and the awesomeness of the customers that we are honored to serve.

There is more genesis to the logo icon, though:

By these elements combined, our designers breathed life and symmetry into our new logo:

Our colors have also changed to give our brand a fresh, new look:

… and we’ve even created our very own typeface, called GetResponse Pro:

But it’s not just the logo, colors and font we’re changing.

Recently, we’ve been adding some rather cool features that have reshaped the GetResponse experience.

For example, in the last couple of weeks we have launched the New Email Creator that makes designing emails beautifully simple. Our customers loved it, and it turned out that industry loved it too – we literally jumped when we learned that our Editor won the Stevie Award.

We believe in making email marketing as simple and effective as it can get, and we are really going to push the envelope on this (no pun intended! :-) )

The new logo opens a new chapter for us, and we are evolving with it. It’s a super-exciting time here at GetResponse. We’ve got many cool new things in the pipeline that I think will put a smile on your face in the coming days and weeks!

Weigh in and tell us in the Comments section below (and, if you’re lucky, win one of the cool new T-shirts :-) )

Simon is CEO of GetResponse. In 1997 he started GetResponse Email Marketing with only $200 in his pocket. Today, he is the owner of several online businesses that serve a growing network of over 23.6 million people. Follow him on Twitter @simongrabowski.

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