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Cam Follower Bearing, Popular Type of Rolling Bearing

Cam follower bearing is one of the rolling bearing which adopts the combined structure of needle bearing and bolt.

Rolling bearing is accurate mechanical component which can change the slide friction between axle and axle seat into rolling friction and reduce the friction loss. Normally rolling bearing is consisted of inner ring, outer ring, Cam Follower Bearing and holder. The inner ring of the bearing can be matched with the axle and rotate with axle at the same time. The main use of the outer ring is to match with bearing pedestal and give play to supporting function. Rolling element can be uniformly distributed in the position between inner ring and outer ring by means of the holder and the size, shape and amount of the rolling element can directly influence the performance and lifetime of the rolling bearing. The holder can avoid the falling off of the rolling element and lead the rolling element rotate then give play to the lubrication function. The common use of the rolling bearing is to support the rotating axle and axle components. It can maintain the proper operation position and rotation accuracy. Contrast to other bearing, rolling bearing is convenient to maintain and it has reliable operation and well starting property. It can provide higher load ability under the middle rotation speed. Contrast to slide baring, rolling bearing has larger radial dimension but the vibration attenuation ability is worse than slide bearing. When it is operated in high speed, rolling bearing will has short lifetime and large noise.

This kind of bearing in  has three main characteristics such as professionalization, advancement and automation. Rolling bearing has significant energy conservation ability which is due to the moveable ability of itself. The moveable ability of rolling bearing can make the friction force quite less than slide bearing and it can reduce the power loss on the friction resistance. This kind of bearing adopts the complicated manufacture technology so the maintenance work is quite reduced.

The lubrication method of rolling bearing can be divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. The former type of lubrication method is easy to seal and can provide a long time lubrication effect. But it has larger friction moment than oil lubrication and it is not suitable for the rotation in high speed. However oil lubrication has better cooling effect but the sealing and oil supplement equipment are complicated than grease lubrication.

There are many types of bearing in the market and users should get ware of the qualities of these bearing then make a better selection. The first thing users should pay attention when select the bearing is to check if the external packing is clear. Normally the bearing which made of the standard manufacturer has its own specific design of the external packing. And the steel seal character on the bearing is also clear to see. The steel seal character on the counterfeit bearing is not only dim but also can easily erase by hand. Secondly, users can check if there is any noise produced during the operation process. The noise is the common phenomenon of the bearing and it is produced by dust and sand in the bearing. Thirdly, users can check if there are cloudy oil stains on the bearing. People can smell out the special smell of rust preventative oil.

This kind of bearing has plenty of advantages such as small friction resistance, less power consumption and high mechanical efficiency. It has standardized size and interchangeability. It is convenient to install and disassemble the rolling bearing and it can provide a simple maintenance process for users. Contrast to other bearing, this kind of bearing has compact structure, light weight and smaller axial dimensions. It is suitable for the manufacture in large scale and the quality is stable and reliable.

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