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Ideal Partnership for a Successful Lead Generation

Role of Sales and Marketing: Sales and Marketing are one of the most important, productive and result oriented departments as well as functions in an organization. Although these two departments are greatly interconnected and related to one another, yet there are times when there is a work oriented war or tussle happening between one another. Since both of them are dependent on one another, there are times when both blame each other as well. The role of marketing department is all about displaying, attracting, marketing and promoting about different products and services by running a campaign. This campaign opens doors for sales departments for getting a large database of prospective leads. But when the sales department discovers the disinterest displayed by the prospective ones, then they immediately blame the marketing department for this.

Both of these departments are really the powerful one. Right chemistry and partnership between sales and marketing department will ultimately lead to success of an organization. When it comes to the success of an organization, we definitely acknowledge the hardwork and zeal displayed by all the departments. But we fail to credit the leads for it. Learn some of the following ways for successful lead generation.

1. Facilitate healthy co-ordination: For a successful partnership between sales and marketing, both of these departments should perform with perfect co-ordination. In order to calculate the success of a marketing campaign, companies must focus on the successfully converted leads rather than on just the quantity of leads. Then, companies must focus on expected money inflow that can be generated from campaigning. The initial coordination between these two departments should be strong enough to gain stability in further processes.

2. Discussion is always good: Discussion and communication are very essential in any working environment. Hence people in sales and marketing teams should sit together and discuss every point, plans, issues, challenges, hindrances, etc… in order to avoid every sort of loop hole that can emerge in times to come. By discussing every petty to large issues or plans, sales and marketing people can definitely work in a great coordination and thus generate successful leads.

3. Innovations in team approach: Though sales and marketing people will work in teams, yet there is always a need to infuse some or the other innovative steps towards growth. Companies must introduce buddy system in teams. In this system, marketing and sales people will co-ordinate with one another and help in each other’s tasks. For example: Marketing person will team up with sales person and go alongwith them in fields, etc… and vice versa.

4. Do not forget to launch Service Level Agreement: When sales and marketing teams are working together, companies should not forget to introduce Service level agreement that is better known as SLA. SLA is referred to a mutual agreement that will include certain standards for handling the leads. Once marketing team generate leads, sales people need to follow these leads in two days only.

5. Regular meetings: Meetings are actually very healthy and a way to strengthen the bonds between teams. Both sales and marketing people should ensure to meet up regularly on timely basis. This will help them in getting updated for both the fields. Also, this will also enable teams in knowing the progress.

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