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Advanced Material Adopted by Glass Reactor Manufacturer

 In order to produce the advanced reactor, glass reactor manufacturer adopts many superior materials in the manufacture of reactor.

Glass lined reactor is a kind of advanced reactor which adopt the glass with high silicon dioxide content as the inner surface of steel vessel. This kind of glass texture can solidly adherent on the surface of metal after firing with high temperature. It is superior anti-corrosion equipment.

glass reactor manufacturer adopts many superior materials in the manufacture of reactor.This kind of glass texture has the advantages of both chemical stability and metal strength. The equipments with glass lined texture have been widely used in chemical engineering, medicine, dye, pesticide, organic synthesis, petroleum, food and national defence industry. This kind of glass texture also used into the processes of reaction, evaporation, concentration, synthesis, extraction, polymerization, and mineralization in order to instead of stainless steel and nonferrous metals which have high cost. Glass lining has strong anti-corrosion to the mineral acid, organic acid, organic solvent and weak base whatever in which concentration. But it cannot be used to phosphoric acid with the temperature over 180? and concentration over 30 percent.

Glass lining is widely used in chemical industry and the glass lining layer in  always be broken due to the corrosion of medium and different reaction condition. Generally glass lining reactor has a high price and it has no necessary to update the whole machine when there is small damage. So the proper repairmen method is needed. Users should repair the damage immediately to avoid the solvent corrode the reactor. At once the reactor is corroded by the solvent the damage of glass lined layer will be larger and larger.

The equipment repaired by tantalum can keep the original anti-corrosion property. So tantalum can be used to repair the broken glass lining layer whatever in large-scale equipment manufacture or the ordinary using of glass lined reactor. Glass lined equipment is the product with strict specialty and laypeople has less awareness of this kind of equipment. How to choose the advanced glass lined equipment becomes the most important problem of users.

External quality and inner quality determine the quality of glass lined equipment. The external quality can be detected by visual inspection and instrument detection. However, inner quality is the visible or invisible flaws caused by the unreasonable material selection and quality control. These flaws will show in the equipment transportation, storage and using process and lead to equipment failure. Inner quality cannot be detected by any measure and these flaws can only be reduced by strict quality control and scientific and reasonable technique. That means every process should be strictly control to ensure the quality of equipment. Under the drastic market competition, less company can really ensure the quality. Certain recognition capability is needed to users to choose the qualified product.

In addition, stirrer is the important component of glass lined equipment. A qualified stirrer can not only greatly improve the stirring efficiency but also can shorten the reaction process. It can also improve the yield and quality of finished product. An advanced stirrer can lengthen the lifetime of mechanical seal. In the manufacture process of some kind of mechanical seal, there is no finish machining. This kind of mechanical seal has less sealing reliability and it would shorten the lifetime of mechanical seal.

Due to the advantages and high price of glass lined reactor, Glass Reactor Manufacturer is needed. Users should check the temperature, vacuum degree and operation pressure of kettle and jacket regularly and ensure these factors are keeping in the safe operation range. When stirring paddle is turning, users should pay attention on the operation sound and notice if there is abnormal phenomenon of thermowell and stirring paddle.

The operator and maintainer should check the equipment by looking, touching and hearing method. According to the regular maintenance stipulation of glass lined reactor, there should be at least twice maintenance every year. Due to the specific texture, glass lining equipment should be store appropriately and it is better to keep the equipment in the storeroom. If the equipment has to be set in outside, the rain-proof must be matched to the equipment especially in the cold regions. Before the coming of winter, users should eliminate the ponding in the tank, jacket and pipes to avoid the swelling.

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