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Depression In Men Over 40 – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Depression in men over 40 is very common these days because of the extreme levels of stress and tension that men have to go through these days. This applies both at office and even at home.

Clinical Depression in men over 40 can result in loss of interest in pleasurable activities and sadness. However, there are different manifestations of depression in different men.

It is not necessary for the causes, the symptoms and the treatment for depression in women to be the same as depression in men.

Depression In Men Over 40

Causes of depression in men above 40 have not been completely understood but there are many scientists who are of the strong believe that the imbalance in the signaling chemicals of the brain might be responsible for the condition.

Apart from this, distressing situations in life like early childhood shock, joblessness, financial troubles, divorce and death of someone beloved might result in depression.

There are some medical conditions that can also lead to depression like underactive thyroid gland, prolonged pain, illnesses and cancer.

Some of the most common signs of depression in men over 40 include fatigue, sleeping too little or too much, isolation, lack of motivation, relationship problems, and irritability.

These are conditions that can have a direct impact on the physical as well as the professional life of a man and can also destroy a man’s capacity of getting social.

Men suffering from depression do not get a good treatment for this condition. Left untreated, the condition can get aggravated and result in serious emotional, health and social consequences adding to the overall stress of a patient.

Medications like prescription drugs known as antidepressants can help in bringing about mood alterations by affecting the naturally occurring chemicals in the brain. Psychotherapy is another effective treatment for depression in men above forty years of age.

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