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Why your site do not rank high for your important keyword

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Very often you may notice that your site ranks high for almost all keywords except the one that is the most important for your business. Zineb Ait from Google team in Google+ community answered this question:

“The answer is very simple here. It is normal to see fluctuations in SERPs(the search engine results pages). There are continuous changes in in SERPs and your competitors are also optimizing their web sites as well. So it is normal to rank number one and then number three and then number five, and then go back to number two. These are normal changes.
My advice would be to just focus on your audience and build quality content, compelling content and unique content that is tailored for your users exactly.

So that is it, it is normal to see fluctuations.”

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Yes, It is absolutely right, now google is so quick in responding … any positive change from competitor will bring them on first and you will move back … now a days fluctuation in SERP is very common as compared to past days when SERP changes after weeks or even months …


Most of time we end up with keyword which have high competition and this is only reason that new web site does not rank with main keyword

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