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Buying Wholesale Web Site Traffic

Wholesale web site traffic may sound appealing because you can

literally purchase 10,000 hits for less than fifty bucks, and of

course, the traffic broker will promise you that the traffic sent

to your website is targeted traffic.

Undoubtedly, buying cheap traffic will deliver hits to your

website and for some types of businesses; the kind of traffic

that is delivered by a traffic broker is good.

For other types of businesses, buying traffic in bulk may be a

total waste of money.

Some traffic brokers are above board; however, some use rather

annoying tactics to drive traffic to your website and are less

than ethical in regard to guaranteeing targeted traffic.

The main sources of wholesale web site traffic promoted by

traffic brokers are generated through pop-up or pop-under

advertisements or from expired domains.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Sometimes they

are effective, if they are truly targeted or if your products and

services appeal to a very general audience, and if tricks aren’t

used to direct traffic to your website.

Otherwise, the traffic you do receive when you purchase wholesale

web site traffic won’t be worth the bandwidth it consumes, not to

mention the price you pay for it even if it is cheap web site


If you have used the internet for very long, you know how

incredibly annoying pop-up and pop-under advertisements can be.

If you are like most people, you make a disgusted sigh while you

close all of the pop-ups and pop-unders that come up when you

visit a website, all the while hoping that they haven’t resulted

in harm to your computer such as viruses, adware or spyware.

Sometimes pop-ups are good when they are used appropriately, like

to build opt-in lists for a website or to remind visitors of

specials before they leave a site that they actually chose to


However, the pop-up and pop-under tactics used by wholesale web

site traffic brokers generally consist of placing pop-ups and

pop-unders on a wide variety of high traffic websites.

When an unsuspecting internet user goes to one of the websites,

your advertisements pop-up or your website opens in a pop-under


In most cases, the aggravation sets in for the internet user as

they close your website and advertisements.

So, you may have gotten a hit to your website, but it was

unproductive and may have even caused a little impairment to your

business’s reputation.

On the other hand, if your products and service appeal to a very

general audience, when the pop-up or pop-under is displayed, it

may provoke some interest resulting not only in traffic to your

site, but also in sales.

So, this type of traffic is not all bad for all businesses.

Traffic that comes from expired domains can be very effective if

it really is targeted traffic.

For instance, if you sell medical supplies, and the traffic being

sent to you through a traffic broker is from an expired domain

for a website that sold medical supplies and was well advertised,

you will receive the traffic which consists of internet users who

were attempting to visit the previously existing medical supply


This can be excellent targeted traffic that can be truly

beneficial to you. However, if the traffic is coming from

expired domains for previously existing websites that are not

relevant to what you offer on your website, then it won’t likely

be incredibly productive.

If you choose to purchase wholesale web site traffic, do check

out the providers of the traffic to find out how they generate

traffic and the source of the traffic.

Also, proceed with caution. Purchase the traffic in small lots

and follow your website statistics to see if the traffic is

actually producing results before you move to buy more traffic

and to spend more of your precious marketing money to non-

productive traffic to your website.

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