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5 Top Wearable Fitness Devices For Men

Wearable technology is quite popular these days and this is mainly because of the efforts put in by various manufacturers. However, there are some important factors to consider when buying these devices such as reliability, price, size, compatibility and battery life.

The top wearable fitness devices available in the market these days are something more than mere devices used for tracking calories and distances.

Some of the top wearable fitness devices for men have been detailed below:

Top Wearable Fitness Devices - Samsung Galaxy Gear S

Since its release in October, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has taken the market for the Top Wearable Fitness Devices by storm. It is a smart watch from Samsung featuring 2 inch amoled customizable display which looks very similar to a bracelet.

This smart watch not only gives you time but even has 3G access, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi. Yu can use this watch for tracking sleep patterns, heart rate and exercise.

For further information: Samsung Galaxy Gear S

Top Wearable Fitness Devices - Fitbit Flex

This is a very simple, water-proof fitness tracker that wirelessly syncs with your laptop or your smart phone.

You can easily use this fitness device for setting fitness goals and calories, input your regular calorie intake and view the statistics by making use of Fitbit application. This device can also be used for tracking sleep quality, calories burned, distances and steps.

To know more: Fitbit Flex

Top Wearable Fitness Devices - Jawbone UP24

Jawbone UP 24 measures sleep quality, distance and steps and at the same time it also sends the statistics to the Jawbone app that can be used on the smart phone or the laptop.

Users also get the flexibility of logging their meals and mood which would help them in analyzing their overall performance.

You can know more at Jawbone UP24

Top Wearable Fitness Devices - Basis Carbon Steel

This fitness device works in the form of a pedometer that has the capacity of tracking skin temperature, perspiration, REM sleep patterns, heart rate and calories. It features a monochrome LCD screen and can easily link up with iOS, web apps and Android through Bluetooth.

To Know more Basis Carbon Steel

Top Wearable Fitness Devices - Runtastic Orbit

Runtastic Orbit is one top wearable fitness devices, which will help in tracking your activity, fitness, and sleep throughout the day i.e. 24 hours. But, for displaying the results, you need to download and install app on your smartphone. Don’t worry! app is available in Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.

This device keeps track of every step and distance covered, calories burned, duration of your sleep and sleep cycles too. You can wear this device not only on wrist but also over belt, and any other area.

For further information Runtastic Orbit

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