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What Causes Prostate Cancer? Know The Causes

Are you looking out for an answer to the question What Causes Prostate Cancer? A person suffers from prostate cancer when cancerous cells grow in the prostate gland.

This cancer is also known as carcinoma of the prostate. Prostate is the gland, which is found in the male reproductive system.

The most common causes of prostate cancer are as follows:

What Causes Prostate Cancer

Genetics have an important role to play when it comes to finding an answer to what causes prostate cancer? Enlarged prostates and prostate cancer can easily be inherited from generation and this has rightly been proved through studies.

Outward appearances of middle-aged men are a direct sign of muscle mass shrinkage and increase of abdominal fat. This might be one of the possible causes of hormone imbalance.

Other factors that can also result in hormone imbalance include stress, anxiety and depression which automatically results in cancer of the prostate gland.

In some people, the cell growth aspect of the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate gland can result in prostate cancer. This condition is however very uncommon in people who are diagnosed of suffering from prostate cancer.

The prostate gland contains zinc in large amounts in order to function in the proper manner or in the normal manner. The deficiency of zinc can result in the enlargement of the prostate gland. It might also be the result of uncontrolled diet, aging and excessive alcohol intake.

Studies have proved the fact that an uncontrolled diet rich in trans fats and saturated fats can be the main cause of hormone imbalance, a major cause of prostate cancer. People who are in the habit of consuming calories on a regular basis are also at an increased risk of contracting prostate cancer.

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