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The Get Rich Business Making Money Online Myth is Busted

I wrote this article for the thousands of people that may be lured in by promises of wealth and riches with online businesses. Most of them will be swallowed up by the internet abyss. Making money online sounded like another multi level or network marketing pitch to me. Whenever a family member, friend or an advertisement presented an opportunity to create residual income, I would immediately raise the shields. If I sound a little bitter, it is because I was disappointed numerous times in the past. I wasted an embarrassing amount of money and a whole lot of time trying to get rich with a home based business. They say, “A sucker is born every minute.” Well, I have been reincarnated at least three times.

When we received our economic stimulus check from the government this year I thought, “To the mall!” My husband did not share that same thought. He was thinking 50 inch HDTV. I came across an advertisement while searching for a way to make some extra cash using Day Job Killer or DJK. It was not very expensive, so I took a chance. I followed the instructions which were too complicated for a novice like me. I began checking up on the DJK; I was not the only person dissatisfied with it. I want to prevent others from following the same fate I did, do not waste your time with Day Job Killer. We also considered investing in the Shanklin Group product it was expensive, over $3,000. It looked very professional and it had a money back guarantee. The guarantee was only good for three business days, too risky. We cancelled the next day, they did return the all the money to the credit card.

I thought I was done with trying to get rich working from home but the temptation is so strong. During a conversation with a friend, a much younger friend, she mentioned she was using some website she found in January to make some money online. I was prepared to hear her horror story. I would then share my years of experience with these things, until she showed some deposit receipts. My jaw dropped. There were not any huge amounts of money, about $100-$300 per month from February to May. I shared this information with my husband, he replied, “That is at least a 42 inch, plasma HDTV.” We made a decision at the kitchen table. I immediately called my friend for the website. The website was very basic. Apparently the company finds profitable and reasonable online business opportunities and evaluates them and only three products are mentioned on the website. I later learned, the results change from time to time as more products are evaluated I guess. I tried the exact some product my friend chose and I too began making money. It was awesome! Over the last four months we have made enough extra cash to pay some bills, fill up the gas tank and dine out once and awhile. We are from rich however the extra cash each month is definitely appreciated, especially in today’s economy. Given the success from the first product, I tried another one from the same website. I already made my money back.

It is time to wake up and get a taste of reality from this homemaker’s point of view. People are going around the country teaching and selling CDs on how to get our money with an arsenal of pitches, responses and more analogies. I bought the books, tapes and CDs. I even traveled to different states to attend the lectures and seminars on how to grow my business. Buyers beware, there are professional people out there trying to get your hard earned money. The reality of getting rich making money online is a myth for most people. I am sure someone is doing it, it is just not me. I am not angry or saddened by this. I am content with the small slice of the pie we get each month. My husband will be happy with a new 58 inch, plasma HDTV he will be getting for Christmas. My surprise is safe, he will not go anywhere near a computer. Next year, I get my kitchen remodeled.

The website is [] All three products that this website recommends are excellent. You will not get rich, but with a little patience we can all make some extra money.

My Name is Angelique Benton and I am currently a stay at home mom in, constant, search of ways to make an income at home . I love being a mother and would rather raise and teach my two children, instead of sending them to daycare. The first few years of a child’s life is most precious and I want to enjoy every moment that I have with them until they start school.


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