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1000 Landing Pages Over the Weekend! [GIVEAWAY]

We launched our Landing Page Creator only last week and so far we’ve seen an amazing 1000 pages created with it. If you have tried the new Landing Page Creator, share your landing pages with us and let us know what you think of the tool. We have some cool stuff to give away for the best pages and the most inspiring comments!

We showed you our Landing Page Creator on Thursday. Here’s what it looks like if you missed it.


Luckily, a lot of you seem not to have missed it at all. When we saw this morning that around a thousand landing pages had already been created in just four days, we were thrilled. What’s more, a hundred of them have been published on your Facebook pages (which can be done with a single click). This is definitely positive feedback for the whole Team. But now, we want more details!

When we launch a new product or feature, we’re always curious about what our users think. Do you like the New Landing Page Creator? Do you enjoy using it? Is there anything we could improve? And finally, what do your landing pages look like? Oh yes, we want to know all of it. ;)

Join the discussion in the comments. Share the links to your landing pages made with our Landing Page Creator or comment on the functionality itself. Or both. :) We’ll reward the best landing pages and the most insightful comments with cool GetResponse branded gadgets & T-shirts!

So, what’s your landing page?

If you need more guidance on creating landing pages, stay tuned for a special webinar next Monday. More details to follow soon!

And in case you haven’t tried Landing Page Creator yet, click here for more details of our special holiday promotion.

Karolina is Social Media Expert for GetResponse. A blogger, copywriter, translator and social media addict, she communicates with GetResponse Customers on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else she can find them. Follow her on Twitter @karolstefan.

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