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The Beginner's Guide To Brand Building

Brand building is an important part of any good marketing strategy. When you have the right knowhow, beginning to shape and build your brand is made a little easier. With the wealth of information out there written by or intended for branding gurus, it can be easy to get lost in the jargon, tips, and reasons to brand. The route to brand building doesn’t have to be such a rollercoaster that overwhelms you. This short, easy to read and understand guide to brand building offers a few great tips that is perfect for the beginner.

Don’t forget to do your research

It’s always important to do your research so you understand the ins and outs of the market you’re about to enter. You should already have a list of competitors and notes on what you like and don’t like about their brand. Remember, there is no such thing as being too informed or too prepared.

Map out your plan of attack

Once you’ve done your research, begin planning which route is the best option to follow. A great way to see the goals that you’re hitting as you’ve begun brand building is to have a timeline in place with realistic and reachable goals along the way. Don’t forget to check back to your timeline once you’ve started growing. See which marks you are hitting and which marks you aren’t hitting. Tinker with and change your tactics for brand building accordingly.

Understand the different mediums

Learn the different building blocks for brand building and begin to plan which are right for you. Things like logos, slogans, social media presence, high quality photography, and a website are important building blocks you’ll wish to consider.

Because social media presence is an entire (and enormous) strategy for brand building within itself, you’ll want to be sure to give this area extra attention. Within this space there are even more building blocks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkdIn, and Google+. Just like your first building blocks, not all of these may be right for you. Take the time to choose which you feel are right for your brand building needs.

Launch your plan of attack

The most important (and possibly most exciting) part of brand building is the actual launch of it. The beginning is a vital time to pay careful attention and keep a sharp eye on the different building blocks you have chosen to launch. It may seem a little overwhelming, but it’s imperative to keep track of all of the building blocks that you chose and track to see how they are working.

Gather intelligence

Once you’ve launched your brand building blocks, it’s important to measure the results. Track your progress, and record any notes you think are important. During this time it’s important to stay meticulously organized and pay attention to details. It’s recommended to keep your files, notes, and measurements stored and labeled properly (especially as the months and years begin to add up), so that you can easily refer to them in the future.

For more great tips on brand building, click here or go to for more information.

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