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Twitter Ads For User Profile To Come Soon

Twitter is all set to bring its app’s signature ad unit to people’s profile pages.

Twitter is named in the list of Facebook and other most used social media networking platforms. The company has provided its users with a micro blogging platform where they can enter any text, limiting it to 140 characters, to share their experiences and feelings. As it is known that most of the social media networking platforms do their businesses and generate major chunk of their revenues through advertisements, hence companies are now more focused to bring advertisements on their websites.

Therefore, Twitter is also focused to slightly change its strategies and focus more on advertisements. Recently Twitter introduced more than enough digital ads on the timeline of users. Moreover, it also surpassed Yahoo to become the third largest seller of digital ads in the market. This all tells that Twitter is taking it seriously to generate higher revenues through ads hence further take on Facebook and Google in the market who are currently dominates the digital ads sector.

With all this going, Twitter also hinted that it would consider introducing ads to users’ profile in the coming times. According to sources, the company confirmed today that it is all set to launch advertisements within user profiles. As it is believed, Twitter launching ads is not new to the social media world but specifically advertising on users’ profiles is a new experience that the company will share with other social media giants.

The spokesperson of the company said in a statement “We’re experimenting with this feature, as we do with all our ad features, in order to create great experiences for our users, advertisers and partners.”

In recent times, the company’s app’s signature ad unit is the “promoted tweets” section. Mashable reports “Promoted tweets on profiles is one in a series of Twitter’s experiments as it continues its long, ambitious climb from $1.4 billion in annual revenues last year to its “strictly hypothetical” target of $14 billion in 2024.” Hence the company plans on bringing it to the profile pages of all users as a part of its new test. Users, when go to others users’ profiles, will be shown some specific targeted ads on the page once Twitter officially launches this service.

Recode reports “The ads are separated from other tweets by a small bumper that creates a break in the stream, and a label that reads ‘Suggested by Twitter’ — you can see an example at the bottom of this post. A company spokesperson confirmed Twitter is testing the new ad placement.”

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