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Proximity Marketing and the Changes That It Has Bought Is Today’s Marketing Scenario

Proximity Marketing is the new key to the Retailers. The customers who are use the Bluetooth enabled mobile device by accepting the permission request can access the proximity marketing facility. Many big retailers are using this proximity marketing technologies to fill up the gap between them and their customers.

The Proximity Marketing  Technologies drive out all the limitation of the customer for reaching to a products physical location. The proximity marketing technologies helps the customer having the proximity marketing application to receive the messages residing at that area or locality.

Through the Wi-Fi ora Bluetooth connection network the producer sent the marketing messages to the customers. These messages display are similar to the proximity messaging application and appears automatically as the push messages in the customer’s cell phones.  This application is very user friendly and reaches to buyers of the locality instantly those who want to buy.

Proximity Marketing Solution:

There are various proximity marketing solutions that allow the retailers to send their business or marketing messages to the customers those who are residing at that locality and are willing to buy. The retailers can use this proximity solution to allow the customers to access these business messages in their mobile phones by using a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection.

These Proximity Marketing  Solutions are a hyperlocal software solution that helps the Retailers to send the marketing messages at the time of purchasing to their customers. These Proximity Marketing solutions also helps the Retailers to track their customer’s data. These marketing software solutions can help the retailers to know their customers buying habits, customer’s behavior.

Utility of the Proximity Marketing Solution:

Promoting brand awareness among the customers and encouraging the willing customers to have an in house visit to the nearby stores.Proximity marketing also increases the revenue opportunities of the retailers.Help the Retailers to achieve a faster ROI.It also inspires action and traffic during the non peak buying hours.Attracting the willing customers with the special vouchers and coupons.Allows the retailers to collect information about the marketing trend of a specific geographical location, it helps the retailers to be aware of the buying habits customer’s behavior etc.It can also bring a profitable change to an existing market campaign.

However proximity marketing in now a day is not only limited to the customer’s smart phones it can now also be accessed through laptops that are GPS enabled.

Steps to be followed by the Retailers for making the Proximity Marketing Campaign a Profitable one;

The proximity marketing campaign must not be forceful to the customers. The proximity marketing campaign must be an optional one so that the customers are free to step in and step out according to their wish.Try to offer various vouchers and coupons as these are the best way to attract the customers.The content of the proximity messaging must be very interesting with valuable information targeted to the customers of that particular locality.The content of the message must help the customers to make a quick decision and action.

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