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What Is Marketing Data Reporting?

When used correctly, marketing data reporting is one of the most essential elements of marketing and advertising that can help companies and businesses grow exponentially. Despite the amazing benefits of marketing data reporting, however, the jargon can confuse some and have companies new to the world of marketing ask the question: What is marketing data reporting? This quick and easy guide will give you the insight into what marketing data reporting is and isn’t and how to best utilize this information.

It can track marketing channels

At its very basic core, marketing data reporting is the tracking of various marketing channels. Marketing channels are the following: Google AdWords, PPC campaings, radio and tv ads, banner campaigns, Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns, and magazine ads. Marketing data reporting tracks the progress of these channels to offer insight into the development, success, and shortcomings of different campaigns. Marketing data reports can also help track the cost for PPC campaigns, which is helpful for saving money and spending wisely.

Marketing data reports can include important monthly accounts

Good marketing data reporting includes monthly reports on the various marketing channels being used for a business. These monthly reports are important because they can help a company compare the success of each channel against one another, a helpful tool to help focus on successful campaigns and tweak inadequate ones.

Marketing data reporting is different from marketing data analysis

People new to marketing tend to confuse marketing data reporting with marketing data analysis. The easiest way to understand the two is to think of marketing as a series of steps in which data reporting and data analysis fall on. The first rung of the ladder is creating the marketing channels. The second rung is where marketing data reporting brings in information about how the marketing channels are doing. The third rung is for marketing data analysis, which allows for an in depth look and analysis of the data reported. The last step of the ladder uses the data analysis to make changes in the marketing channels for better results.

Why is marketing data reporting important?

Marketing data reporting is important for companies of all sizes. For companies with smaller budgets, marketing data reporting allows them a look into where their funds are best spent so they can then focus on those successful channels. For larger companies, marketing data reporting can be helpful in making sure all of the goals in the marketing plan are being hit, and if not, educated and well thought out changes can be made to improve results.

What’s a great way to organize marketing data reporting for my company?

A helpful option that those new to marketing may wish to consider to begin organizing marketing data reporting is the use of marketing reporting solutions. Good marketing reporting solutions have amazing added benefits such as passcode safe access, easy to read chart and pdfs, and the report of cost per click or conversion on PPC campaigns.

If you’d like to learn more about marketing data reporting, go to for more information. 

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