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Twitter Eliminates Its Discover Tab

Introduced back in 2011, the company is all set to retire its “Discover” Tab.

Twitter Inc. is one of the most active and used social media networking platforms these days. It has provided users with one of the greatest platforms where freedom of speech is appreciated. A micro blogging social media platform that allows users to share anything within the limited 140 characters, however, it still trails Facebook in the market. Recently, the company is in the process to renew its business strategies in order to become the best social media platform. From changing interfaces to revamp Trends, Twitter is all in to make it happen.

The company has a “Discover” tab on its platform page, which tells about the highlighted quality content. However, it is reported that the company is planning to drop this tab and come up with some alternative. This is not new for the company, as it has been making changes in its Trends feed part for quite a long time. In late 2000s, the company experimented with an ‘I Ate A Donut’ campaign, which failed. Since then, it was looking for ways to regain its reputation and hence, came up with an idea to introduce Discover tab in 2011.

Despite of the fact that it follows Facebook in the market in terms of users, activities, sales, and business, its platform has become the most favored when it comes to breaking news. However, the Discover tab was not accessed most when compared to the Twitter home feeds. Hence, it has announced to retire the tab in order to bolster its “Trending” feature by “adding a trending list to its existing search function as a way for users to see the most popular hash tags and topics.”

Market sources state, “Instead of Discover’s fumbling attempt serve personalized content in a separate tab, the revamped Trends feature adds brief descriptions and lightweight analytics (total tweets, trending direction) within Twitter’s search function on mobile. In categorizing and describing trends on-the-fly, Twitter wants to help users make sense of not just the churn of tweets, but the flow of what everyone is talking about, pushing interaction and making Twitter a more navigable hub of activity.”

The platform’s main aim is to become more user friendly for those who are new to the social media platform. It is struggling to achieve it, as we are observing many changes lately in the interface and mechanism of the company.

However, the business is all set to achieve it by revamping the Trends feed. Let us see how this will tailor tweets and make the platform interesting for existing and new users. 

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