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What is your best FREE income or business opportunity? (Re-Post)

What is your best FREE income or business opportunity?
Asked by Neha K., in Internet & eBusiness
It’s truly a numbers game I think… you can have the best IM Biz in the world. Time or Money and the effort put into it. If you aren’t an action taker and don’t get the numbers, (Traffic and Advertising – and targeted) it doesn’t matter how good or “Best” your program or product is….then it’s not going to produce a thing for you. Although I do multiple streams of income, you can only spread yourself so thin unless you have the resources to outsource and pay for lots of advertising or spend lots of time doing it yourself. Theres just so many factors that come into play. If your an individual home marketer looking for a Free or Best that’s gonna make you a ton of money… good luck unless you have a lot of capital to put into it. I tried the time thing in the beginning way back when I started with quality programs and spent 12-15 hours a day making little more than a part-time income and spent thousands on top of that with marginal returns. You better love what you do!!! One man,(Woman), competing with corporate marketers is a big factor…not to mention a couple plus million others competing against you in the IM world these days. A huge mailing list or access to them is also important… as long as it’s a quality list and not a bunch of tire kickers looking for Free and/or Best programs that are gonna make them overnight successes! Again there’s a ton of factors to consider! Do it because you love it and if it promises you “Get Rich Today – Stay Away!!!”

Some Suggestions offered on Apsense were:

Best Side Business Ideas You Can Start While Working a Full-Time Job
1. Graphic Design
2. Web Design.
3. Web Development.
4. Commission-Only Sales.
5. Instagram Marketing.
6. Amazon Reselling.
7. Affiliate Sales and Marketing.
8. Social Media Manager.
9. Google Paid Ad Specialist.
10. Start a Blog.
11. Presentation Design Consultant.
12. Travel Consultant.
13. Landing Page Specialist.
14. Interior Design Consultant.
15. WordPress Website Consultant.
16. Develop an App.
17. Online News Correspondent.
18. Buy and Sell Domain Names.
19. Freelance Proofreading and Editing.
20. Data Analysis.
21. Copywriting for Websites.
22. Licensed Product Distributor.
23. Fill Out Online Surveys.
24. Personal Fitness Trainer.
25. Yoga or Meditation Instructor.
26. Start a YouTube Channel.
27. Translator.
28. Tour Guide.
29. Freelance Content Marketing.
30. Freelance Ebook Writing.
31. Building a Niche Website.
32. Computer Repair.
33. Computer Training and Lessons.
34. Contract Customer Service.
35. Purchasing an Existing Website.
36. Private Labeling and Selling Products on Amazon.
37. Build Custom Software for Freelance Clients.
38. Build a Chrome Extension.

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