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10 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Tweeting About

10 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Tweeting About

Apart from creating a vibrant branded Twitter account for your startup, business owners should consider creating their own personal account on Twitter. Fans and followers often want to connect with the person behind the brand.

Giving customers and prospects a glimpse into the entrepreneur’s life and mindset can allow them to cultivate a deeper relationship with customers separately from the brand. The goal, of course, is to increase customers’ loyalty to the brand.

Here are 10 things every entrepreneur can tweet about, which can allow your clients and prospects to see another side of you:

1. Personal news: Share the big events of your personal life — vacations, weddings, births — the type of info you’d share with close friends. It can help keep your followers feeling like they’re “in the loop.” You’re also more likely to make a connection with followers who have experienced something similar.

2. Mistakes and lessons: Sharing mistakes and what you learned is a sign of growth, not weakness. Try doing a “What I learned this week” tweet and see how your followers respond.

3. Answers to questions: If someone asks a question on Twitter and you know the answer, share it. This can also be a way to develop a FAQ within your industry, which you can later point them to via a link.

Related: 5 Tips for Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

4. Links to articles: They key to sharing articles is to also include your unique opinion. Let others know why you liked or didn’t like an article.

Just remember that your opinion paints a public image, which means you should be cautious about which opinions you choose to share — ideally only those which are congruent with your market. Keep the rest to yourself.

5. Pictures of unusual things you see: If something catches your attention, it’s probably going to catch the attention of others, too. So why not share it? This includes visually impressive products, food and architecture.

6. Wisdom from the book you’re reading: When you hit a “golden nugget” of wisdom in a book, share it. It not only shows that you’re well read, but that you value wisdom. Those are two things that can only help your reputation.

7. Interesting advertising: When a billboard or any other advertising catches your attention, take a picture and tweet it. Everyone can benefit from seeing smart marketing.

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8. Fun purchases: Sharing your recent purchases, such as music, video games or sports equipment can stir up comments and conversations from others that have bought similar items and enjoy the same kind of entertainment.

9. Share wisdom from outside the world of business: Quotes from sports heroes, military leaders and artists can teach us about innovation and leadership, which are essential to business success.

10. Your work: The greatest links you can share are links to your personal work, but don’t limit that to what you do professionally only. If you have a hobby or passion for something creative, share it.

What types of tweets would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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The Truth About Cancer Treatment For Dogs

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What You Don’t Know About Sweepstakes and Contests May Hurt You

What You Don't Know About Sweepstakes and Contests May Hurt You

Many businesses use sweepstakes and contests to excite consumers about their products or services. These promotions can be exciting, but when problems arise, it can lead to a messy (and expensive) legal battle.

Take for example, when a consumer tried to buy a Harrier Jet with Pepsi points in 1996. The promotion encouraged consumers to collect Pepsi points in exchange for merchandise such as t-shirts and sunglasses. A Pepsi commercial featured various items and their point values: a leather jacket for 1450 points, and a Harrier Jet for 7 million Pepsi points. Pepsi contended the jet was a joke, but plaintiff purchased 7 million Pepsi points and tried to redeem them for a fighter plane. Pepsi ultimately won, but had several years’ worth of legal fees battling the case in court.

To make sure you don’t end up in a similar situation, here are a few tips to keep in mind for running a successful promotion.

1. Is it a sweepstakes or a contest?
A sweepstakes is a promotion of chance (enter your e-mail for a chance to win), while a contest involves skill (write a jingle). It’s important to distinguish between the two because sweepstakes and contests may have different restrictions in various states.

Related: 3 Steps to Generating Buzz with a YouTube Contest

2. Create official rules before the promotion — and stick to them. According to Linda Goldstein, a leading advertising law expert and partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, business owners should “make sure all material terms and conditions of the sweepstakes and contests are disclosed in the Official Rules.” 

Goldstein also cautions businesses to never copy rules from another promotion. “Rules should be specifically tailored to your promotion,” says Goldstein, to avoid ambiguity and inconsistencies.

3. Know the requirements for your jurisdiction. First, decide who you want to open your promotion to (residents of one state, the entire U.S., or internationally), then follow the requirements for that jurisdiction. International laws may apply if the promotion is open to residents outside the United States.

For example, states like Florida, New York and Rhode Island require registration with the state and/or bonding (a surety bond to protect participants and ensure compensation if the promotion operator fails to award prizes) for contests.

If you plan to advertise you contest or sweepstakes on social media, Goldstein recommends reviewing the site’s guidelines for promotions. For example, Facebook requires operators to provide certain disclosures and prohibits promotions that require Facebook users to comment or vote using the “Like” button to enter. Businesses using Twitter for promotions still must provide key information to participants such as how to enter and material terms and conditions. 

Related: The Top 3 Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them

4. Be mindful of laws governing online communications. Contests that are conducted online are subject to additional laws. Likewise, information gathered during the promotion such as e-mail addresses, regardless of whether the promotion was online or in-store, is subject to additional laws.

Online promotions are also subject to restrictions such as COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and the CAN SPAM Act (governing commercial e-mail messages to consumers), both of which provide steep penalties for violators. 

5. Hire an attorney with experience in advertising law to review your rules and marketing plans to ensure compliance with the law. Careful drafting is critical to a successful promotion. Printing errors can cause promotions to go haywire. Just ask Kraft Foods when, in 1989, a printing glitch rendered every game piece a winner of a new Dodge Caravan, when only one grand prize was intended. Kraft ultimately canceled the promotion, leaving many customers upset. As a result, many promotions today include “Kraft” clauses to guard against printing or typographical errors.

Contests can also turn tragic. In 2007, Jennifer Strange, a participant in the California radio station contest “Hold Your Wee for a Wii,” died of water intoxication. Her family sued the radio station alleging wrongful death and received $16.5 million from a jury.

Promotions, when done right, can be a great way to build excitement and promote your brand among consumers. When they go wrong, however, they can lead to a host of problems, ranging from bad publicity to millions of dollars in liability. Consulting with an attorney will minimize your risk and maximize your promotion’s impact. 

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Writing a Business Plan? Don’t Forget About Marketing

Writing a Business Plan? Don't Forget About Marketing

For those who dream of escaping cubicles to pursue a passion, drafting a business plan is the first step. One of your plan’s most critical elements is your marketing strategy. Too often, people don’t think through that all-important component with the same rigor they tackle aspects like projected cash flow and long-term goals.

Or, they do put thought and effort into planning for market research, promotion and positioning — and then never follow through on their great ideas.

One problem is that most entrepreneurs don’t have marketing experience. They may be skilled tradesmen, savvy financial advisers or talented writers — expert in the niche they plan to build their business around — but they’re not marketers. Some don’t realize that executing a solid marketing strategy is essential to any venture’s success. Others know it’s important but don’t know where to begin.

Related: A Data-Driven Reality Check for Your Marketing Budget

Here’s why it’s so important: No matter how ingenious your product or service, no one will find it if they don’t know it’s there.

The marketing component of your business plan should include a budget for time, if you plan to tackle the job yourself, and money. You need a timetable and a professional website that attracts visitors and makes it easy for them to learn more about you, your product or service — and equally easy to purchase what you’re selling.

Here are some other points to consider as you’re developing your marketing plan:

• What is my message? Your message needs to be more than “My product is great.” What’s the problem it solves? If you’re a professional, what’s the value you and your service offer? How are you different from your competition? As an example: At my marketing firm, we create visibility and credibility for our clients using a pay-for-performance model that guarantees media exposure and sets us apart from our peers.

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• Who is my audience? Unless you have a niche product, consider your potential audience in terms of ever-expanding ripples. For instance, a collapsible coffeepot may be just the thing for a college student’s tiny dorm room. That’s your initial target audience. But his parents and grandparents, who are helping outfit that dorm room, might also be audiences. If they’ve downsized their living quarters, they might just want one for themselves, too. It also could be great for campers, boaters — anyone living in a small space.

• Which are the appropriate media outlets for a public-relations campaign? Social media is great for niche products because online forums build communities around common interests. Daytime TV talk shows tend to have audiences with lots of women. Most newspaper readers are now 55 or older. Once you have decided who your audience is, figure out what they’re watching, listening to, reading and doing online, then customize your message for that medium and audience.

• What’s your budget? When you’ve answered these questions, you should be able to determine how much marketing you can do yourself, if any, and how much you’ll need help with. If you’re handling it yourself, budget for the time it will take to do things like keeping your website active with fresh blog posts once or twice a week, posting content on social media and developing pitches to get print, radio or TV interested. If you plan to pay a professional for marketing services, use your marketing plan to explore the costs and timetable, and budget accordingly.

Whether you’re launching a dream or re-evaluating your existing business, it all starts with a solid plan. Marketing should be fundamental part of that plan. It’s what drives the business, so it can’t be an afterthought.

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Did you find this story helpful? YesNo Thanks for making Entrepreneur better for everyone.Marsha Friedman

Marsha Friedman is chief executive officer of EMSI Public Relations, a public-relations strategy and publicity-services firm based in Wesley Chapel, Fla., whose clients include corporations, entertainers, authors and professionals. 

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Think the Flintstones, EQ and Other Tips from Gary Vaynerchuk About Connecting With Customers

Think the Flintstones, EQ and Other Tips from Gary Vaynerchuk About Connecting With Customers | (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js=d.createElement(s);; js.src=”//″; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’)); .announcement {background: #f1771f url(/channels/templates/microsites/images/youngvisionaries/orange-grad.png) repeat-x; font-size: 15px; height: 40px; text-shadow: 0px -1px 0px #d2834b; cursor:pointer;}.ancont {color:#fff; width:970px; height: 40px; margin:0 auto; padding:0 15px;}.ancont .mess{display:block; width:970px; height:20px; padding:10px 0 0 70px;}.ancont h3{font-size:18px; margin:-2px 0 0 0;;}.ancont .mess a{color:#fff !important;}.ancont .cta{float:right; font-weight:bold; position:relative; right:250px;}.announcement span{margin:0 30px 0 30px;}img.gj-logo{float:right; position:relative; top:-8px; right:180px;}.bar a:hover{text-decoration:none!important;} Meet the Young Visionaries changing the rules of the game. Business & Small Business Follow Entrepreneur on FacebookFollow Entrepreneur on TwitterFollow Entrepreneur on LinkedInSubscribe| Mobile|BookstoreEntrepreneur HomepageStartupsStarting a Business HomeHow-To GuidesStartup BasicsBusiness IdeasYour Business PlanStartup FinancingSuccess StoriesHome-Based BusinessRun & GrowRun and Grow Your Business HomeHuman ResourcesLeadershipInnovationGrowth StrategiesBusiness ManagementTravelAutomotiveMoneyMoney HomeFinancingTaxesAccounting BasicsPersonal FinanceMoney ManagementPayments & CollectionsMarketingSales & Marketing HomeMarketing BasicsSalesOnline MarketingFinding CustomersSocial MediaBrandingTechnologyTechnology HomeYour WebsiteApps & SoftwareSecurityMobileOffice TechSEOFranchisesFranchises HomeFranchise 500HomebasedLow Cost Top NewFast GrowingTop GlobalBiz OpportunitiesFranchises for SaleFranchises for SaleFranchises for Sale: Food | Health Care | Retail | Sports | Travel | Part Time | More »The ‘TrepsThe ‘Treps HomeThe Innovators’Trep TalkProfilesLifestyleProductivityYoung EntrepreneursAnswersAsk Entrepreneur HomeStarting a BusinessFranchisesSales & MarketingTechnologyMoneyHome Based BusinessOnline BusinessLegal IssuesHuman ResourcesGrow Your BusinessHave a Burning Buesiness Question? Ask Your Question NowPresented by MagazineOn Newsstands: November 2012Current IssueSubscribeTablet EditionPast IssuesStartups MagazineVideoMarketing BasicsSalesOnline MarketingFinding CustomersSocial MediaBranding Ask Entrepreneur - Presented by Spark For Business From CapitalOne
Think the Flintstones, EQ and Other Tips from Gary Vaynerchuk About Connecting With Customers BY Laura Lorber| November 16, 2012| Comment Tweet submit to reddit

Editor’s Note: In a chat interview, we asked entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk your questions about connecting with customers. Read the transcript of the conversation below.

Your Chance to ‘Ask Entrepreneur’We enlisted our Facebook fans to ask their most pressing questions about starting and running a business. Over the next 10 weeks, our special panel of experts will offer their answers and discuss more in online chats. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for details on these future events:Gary Vaynerchuk Nov. 16: Gary Vaynerchuk on Connecting with CustomersJason Falls Nov. 20: Jason Falls on Social mediaGrant Cardone Dec. 5: Grant Cardone on SalesAngela Jia Kim Dec. 19: Angela Jia Kim on Growing a Business

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:30 PM

Hey Gary! 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:33 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk:


Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers
Thanks so much for doing this chat. Should be fun. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

Gary Vaynerchuk:
:0 Happy to do it. My grammar sucks. It’s why I am a video boy! 🙂 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:34 PM


Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

Gary Vaynerchuk:
Hahaha. OK, let’s rock. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:35 PM

Our first question is coming in from Edwin Dearborn on Facebook. He’s asking: What’s the best way to use Twitter for business? 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:36 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk:

Listening! People default into thinking Twitter is about “What am I going to say on Twitter,” but the opportunities to listen to customers on is insane. Watch this: 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers
OK. . . 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:37 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk: Vaynerchukvee/status/269494283848003584 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers
Getting thirsty over here. . . 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

Gary Vaynerchuk:
The fact the customers are talking about products and services, and the fact that I am able to jump into the conversation and add CONTEXT, not value but CONTEXT, matters. It creates a micro relationship that may end with him buying wine from @winelibrary. Or at very least mention me and my wine business. Its VERY important in today’s content-heavy world! 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:38 PM

Yah, this example really shows that it is a 2-way street. You’re gathering intel and also building a relationship. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

Gary Vaynerchuk:

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:39 PM

OK. Cool. Thanks. . . Here’s the next question. From Wycliffe Maraji, who is asking: What are the main ways of increasing sales? 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:40 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk:

Sales increases come in so many ways. The best way I have ever seen is asking the 2 questions:
#1. Does my product REALLY bring value? Too many [people] are selling crap! If you sell crap, your marketing can only help you for so long and so far.
#2. Reverse engineer the customer! Too many [businesses]] aren’t going backwards. Think: What do customers want? And what do they need? Start at the finish line (the sale), and then work backwards. Is it cost? Fame? Awareness? Profit margin? What makes them tick? 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:43 PM

This is not easy stuff. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

Gary Vaynerchuk:
Want a new alert?
Business is HARD!
This insane notion that this is easy is nuts.

12:44 PM
The rise of the startup and the entrepreneur has confused people. Most people can’t do it. It takes talent AND HARD WORK! 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:45 PM

No doubt. . .
Next question. . . From Facebook fan Paige Brockmyre: What are the top social sites to establish social proof? (referrals) 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

Gary Vaynerchuk:
For sales leads? I would say Twitter and Facebook are out-indexing, but Pinterest has become a huge play in sales referrals. You have to know how to “storytell” based on the platform. Knowing what to say and what video, picture to put out per platform is the GAME.

12:47 PM
They are different per audience and per platform. Very different in Tumblr than on Facebook, even though the same business is on both. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:48 PM

OK. This next question is from Daniel Solomon, it’s a bit more personal. What was the defining moment in your life that led you down the path to achieving your success? 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:51 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk:

When I realized how hard my parents were working coming from a foreign country and trying to “make it.” And at the same time, I realized I was “talented” and I didn’t want to let them down or let my DNA down, I am driven by gratitude. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:53 PM

Inspirational. Thanks for sharing that.

12:54 PM
OK, back to customers….
Beh Yadollahi asks: What are your thoughts on a centralized customer re-sell program? Would you recommend otherwise to have each personal sales rep follow up with their own clients? 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:55 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk:

I think Data matters. Understand the “want” for these kinds of structures and find value in them.

12:56 PM
But to really win, you need the EQ — emotional intelligence — to counter the IQ that these tools can bring. I want every company to understand how to include a human element. That is often lost in centralizing it.

12:57 PM
I am trying to educate the world that PEOPLE matter. That as we go more Jetsons, the companies that act like the Flintstones win. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers
Ah, fun. I hear you. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

Gary Vaynerchuk:
So that’s just my banter. I am passionate about it. 🙂 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers
Here’s a more specific-type question: From Facebook, Game Day Men’s Products wants to know: What is the best way that you have found to first get Instagram followers online and then to buy? 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

12:59 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk:

I haven’t done a lot of call to actions on Instagram yet. But putting out great content on Instagram matters and understanding how important hashtags are and tagging them with trendy tags that make sense really matters. Also, adding your Instagram info on your email and website, etc., really matters. And linking it to your Facebook page, and using Instagram photos in your stream matter. Close to wrapping up? Sorry to rush 😦 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers
Time for one more? Facebook fan Bashue Allard asked this question: What are the best ways to encourage a customer to buy from me again after making the first sale? 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

1:02 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk:

Following up. And not acting like just a hunter. Don’t be the guy that doesn’t call after the first date. Use social sites as light ways to stay in touch. It’s effort. Always has been, always will be. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers
Got it. Hey, thanks. This was fun. 

Gary Vaynerchuk Chats About Connecting With Customers

1:04 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk:

Awesome. Thnx! 

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Event Marketing-Knowing All About It


Clint Barton is an event marketingexpert and is known to offer some amazing tips on the subject for the general public in the many…

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What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Privacy Controls

Just when you thought you had a handle on posting content and growing an audience on Facebook, the giant social network has changed its rules again. This time, though, it says its goal is to make it easier for users to manage their content.

Today, Facebook announced a number of changes to its privacy controls, planned to go into effect in the next few weeks. Among the more significant changes are Privacy Shortcuts, an easier-to-use Activity Log and a new Request and Removal tool for managing photos you’re tagged in.

“We continue to strive toward three main goals: bringing controls in context where you share, helping you understand what appears where as you use Facebook, and providing tools to help you act on content you don’t like,” Sam Lessin, Facebook’s director of product, wrote in a post.

Here’s a look at some of the new changes coming before the end of the year and what you need to know.

Related: New Facebook Option Can Help Brands Regain Fan Engagement

1. Updated Activity Log. Released last year, the Activity Log allows you to review and choose who sees everything you’ve shared. Facebook says the updated Activity Log has new navigation that will allow you to more easily track likes and comments, photos and posts you are tagged in. For busy entrepreneurs who use the Activity Log to schedule posts and manage content, this update presumably makes things easier by centralizing more features.

It also offers new ways to sort information, Facebook says. “Now you can quickly see public photos you’re tagged in and have hidden from your timeline, but which still appear in other places on Facebook,” Lessin wrote.

2. New Request and Removal tool. As a business owner, you should be aware of and carefully manage the photos that others can tag you or your business in. With the new Request and Removal tool — located in the updated Activity Log — simply go to the “Photos of You” tab, select as the photos and ask your friends to take down the shots you don’t like. You can also “untag” yourself from multiple photos at once.

3. Privacy Shortcuts. No longer will it be necessary to navigate through a string of pages to get to your privacy and timeline settings. Facebook is rolling out shortcuts that will allow users to manage “Who can see my stuff?” “Who can contact me?” and “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” all from shortcuts in the top toolbar.

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4. App permissions. A new feature will allow you to manage the permissions that you grant to apps separately, instead of together on the same screen. This can allow you, for instance, to grant an app the ability to read your public profile and friends list but decline to allow it to post your activity on the app to your News Feed.

Which features do you wish Facebook would add? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Things Consumers Don't Desire to Find Out About Their Marketing and Communications

 Communication by design. Langton Cherubino Group, Ltd. is a communications design firm, based in New York City.

We are often advised being far more good. Use the carrot as opposed to the stick. Sugar performs much better than white vinegar. But does sugar-layer a negative advertising and marketing answer definitely ensure it is any much better??

1. Almost everything can’t be daring?

Position the head line in daring, have the contact-out larger, put in a package to highlight this info, make this segment strong and therefore portion striking italic. Fairly in the near future the complete web page appears to be a ransom be aware. If things are all crucial, then nothing is important. At times you will need to tell your client that every little thing cannot be daring. It is about utilizing distinction and stress to determine priority.

2. Your brand new emblem is not going to solve your communication difficulty ( Marketing )

The potency of logos has ended-distributed. They are not the mystical strategy to every company, services or products issue. And yet we have been questioned on a regular basis to produce a new company that may redefine the quest of your company. An organization should redefine its quest and interact this by using a huge artillery of resources. A emblem is section of the delivery service of this concept, yet it is not your message.

3. A web template is not a website solution?

Utilizing a website design will not be the answer in your connection method. We are frequently asked to use current web templates as well as to just plug-in the images. But that is insufficient. Occasionally you will need to explain to the buyer that it’s not necessarily concerning the technological innovation, it’s in regards to the online messaging delivered by means of word and impression. They are saying content is master for any explanation.

Are you currently the type of client who wants direct speak and actual replies? At Langton Cherubino Group of people, we know much better alternatives are attained once we speak specifically and offer our activities and expertise regardless if it may possibly not be want you truly desire to listen to. E mail us about how exactly we can certainly help your business.

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