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How To Market Iphone Apps Ebook

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How To Write An Ebook To Market With

Click around on the Net, and you’ll see businesses giving away ebooks left, right and center.

You might see a hair salon with an ebook on matching your makeup to your hair color. Or a yoga studio with an ebook on ergonomic postures for the workplace.

It’s not that these businesses are passionate about sharing their messages with the world. Rather, the ebooks are a marketing utensil.

A well-written ebook demonstrates that the company it’s from is run by experts in their field. They know all the nitty-gritty details, so customers can trust that they’re dealing with a reputable, knowledgeable business.

Generally, these ebooks are given away for free. This sparks appreciation from recipients, who may feel compelled to make a purchase in return (due to the rule of reciprocity).

Finally, the content of the ebook usually suggests ways readers can use the company’s products or services. If a soapmaking supplies vendor writes about how to tint soap red with sandalwood powder, it stands to reason they’ll include a link to their powdered sandalwood.

Notice that none of the reasons are “the companies happen to employ budding authors.” That’s because the point isn’t to write beautifully; it’s to share helpful information you’re an expert on.

So that is exactly what you’ll write about. If you’re a fitness trainer who’s worked with a lot of older clients with back problems, you could write about safe exercises for injured backs or sleeping tips for back relief. You could even include sketched diagrams.

If you’re a baker with an online shop that specializes in gluten-free pastries, write up your top 3 gluten-free recipes, complete with tips for storing, freezing and serving.

And so on. Determine your expertise, then ask yourself what questions people may have on the topic. Write out your answers in your ebook.

An ebook can be written in any word processing program (such as Microsoft Word or Open Office) as long as you can export your finished work as a PDF. This preserves your file so recipients can’t edit it.

In any of these programs, you can add pictures throughout to illustrate your points, display charts or graphs or provide points of visual interest.

If you want to incorporate special effects, such as flipping pages or an embedded video, you can choose the right ebook software for your needs from this list.

Once it’s a PDF, the easiest way to get your ebook onto the Internet is to host it on your site. Then, share the ebook by sharing the link to where it lives on your site.

If you’re using WordPress, add the ebook as a new piece of media. This works for files up to 10 MB.

If your ebook is larger than 10 MB, the easiest solution is to upload it to Dropbox and share the link provided.

Once the ebook is finished, you can use it to drum up sales. In an upcoming post, we’ll walk you through the steps you’ll want to take.

To see it, make sure you’re signed up to get emails from our blog – the form’s below!

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Market With An Ebook: Why It’ll Work (And How)

This post was written with assistance from Tim Brennan of Tactics Time.

Since content marketing is all about providing helpful content to attract new business, it makes sense that you can get some pretty significant results (read: more subscribers and sales) with a significantly sized piece of content (read: larger than an email).

We’ve talked about how to write an ebook for your business. Today, we’ll talk about how to use that ebook to attract new business.

The trick is focusing on promoting your ebook instead of your site. Forget Google (for now); you want to show up in searches on Amazon.

In Tim’s words: “The marketing potential is huge. The main thing is that when people to go to Amazon to look for something – they are looking to BUY. When they go to Google, who knows what they are looking for?”

Not to mention, getting your site to show up in Google can take a long period of hard work. Dominating a niche in Amazon, since you’re dealing with a smaller pool of results, takes less time, and less work.

“The other cool thing is that Google LOVES Amazon,” Tim explains. “So not only will people find you by searching in Amazon – they will find you with Google searches that lead to your Amazon page. You can “SEO optimize” your Amazon page, so that it ranks highly in Google (which is much easier than trying to get a new WordPress page to rank highly, because Amazon has so much built in trust and authority with Google).”

Start by giving your book away free. Get the word out to your readers and followers who already know and trust you that your book is available on Amazon. Ask them to download the book (again, for free) and leave positive reviews. This will increase your search results.

Why do these reviews hold so much weight? “People trust the reviews on Amazon a lot more than testimonials on a website,” Tim says. “I could put anything for testimonials on a website that I control, but the testimonials on Amazon are out of the authors control, and will show that the person actually purchased your eBook (even if they downloaded it during one of the free days).

“Then when new people who have never heard of you open their Kindles and tablets on Christmas, they will go to Amazon and see your book dominating your category with lots of reviews, and these people will buy it.”

You’ve made sales of your ebook, which is a start. But you don’t want to just let your new readers drop after one sale – especially if they find the book helpful and are likely to purchase from you again.

You can choose to rely on your new customers to seek out your site themselves, but you have a far better chance of gaining their long-term support if you ask them to subscribe to your emails. From there, you can continue building a relationship with them and eventually upsell them to larger-ticket items.

To get people more engaged with the idea of his new ebook, Tim sent out a poll asking people to go to this link and vote on which cover they liked best.

“This gets people involved with the project in a fun way,” says Tim, “so when it comes out it will feel like it’s ‘their’ book, too, and it’s just good marketing, because ‘the customer is always right.’”

Over 150 of Tim’s subscribers voted and left comments. Some even thanked him for including them in the design decision.

“I think holding a contest like this for book covers is a great way to engage people, and make them feel important,” says Tim. “I got some new subscribers in the process too!”

Ever listed an ebook on Amazon or another estore?

Would you ever?

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