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The 5 Biggest Twitter Marketing Fails of 2012

The 5 Biggest Twitter Marketing Fails of 2012

Social media marketing can be hard to master. When done right, it can strengthen your brand value and ideally even your bottom line. When done wrong, it can alienate consumers and thrash your reputation.

Here’s a look at five of the worst corporate mistakes over Twitter this year, and what other business owners can learn from them: 

January 18: McDonald’s hashtag gone wrong. McDonald’s (@McDonald’s) created the #McDstories hashtag on Twitter to inspire customers to share personal stories about their favorite McDonald’s moments. What McDonald’s didn’t bargain for was that customers would share both good and bad stories. And share they did — everything from allegedly crunching on fingernail clippings in Big Macs to getting food poisoning. The fast food mammoth yanked the #McDstories campaign only two hours after launching it, but a quick search on Twitter shows that the hijacked hashtag still goes on strong.

Lesson: You can’t control what consumers will say using your hashtag, and they can be hijacked by negative comments that can never be taken back.

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January 27: Snickers gets caught paying for celebrity tweets. Marketers from Snickers’ U.K. branch (@SnickersUK) were hungry for retweets when they hired British model and reality TV start Jordon (aka Katie Price) to tweet about topics she likely would never normally tweet about, including Eurozone debt and China’s gross domestic product. Jordan followed up her rash of out-of-character tweets with a message about feeling like herself again thanks to Snickers. The stunt left many of Jordan’s followers reeling for thinking her Twitter account had been hacked.

Lesson: Pranking consumers in clever ways can draw attention to your brand, but usually not the right kind.

February 5: Toyota Camry drives away potential drivers. The Japanese car giant created nine Twitter accounts to get the word out about the new Camry during the Super Bowl. Toyota (@Toyota) then tweeted — in this case, spammed — unsolicited messages about a Camry giveaway contest to anyone using a Super Bowl-related hashtag. The ensuing consumer backlash prompted Toyota to close all its “The Camry Effect” promotional Twitter accounts and issue an apology.

Lesson: Impersonal mass marketing tweets can alienate customers. Stick to unique, personalized messages that engage consumers one-on-one.

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October 3: KitchenAid cooks up a half-baked political tweet. On this day, KitchenAid’s Twitter feed (@KitchenAidUSA) wasn’t about cooking with the company’s famous kitchen appliances. It was about politics. After Barack Obama mentioned his late grandmother during a presidential debate earlier that evening, the person running KitchenAid’s Twitter feed tweeted an insensitive comment about her and his campaign. The individual responsible for the inappropriate tweet was relieved of his duties and the company was forced to clean up the mess.

Lesson: Your social media manager should adopt a tone that reflects your company’s image and keep his or her personal (and political) opinions out of your social media marketing.

October 29: Retailers’ Hurricane Sandy sale slip-ups. During the storm, Urban Outfitters (@UrbanOutfitters) tweeted: “This storm blows (but free shipping doesn’t)! Today only… #frankenstorm #ALLSOGGY” An email promoting the sale included an image of Frankenstein with the word “Frankenstorm” on it. American Apparel, The Gap and Sears got in on the Sandy storm sale action on Facebook and Twitter, too. Angry reactions to these inappropriate sales still continue on Twitter.

Lesson: Attempting to make money on and exploit others’ suffering in times of crisis can cause serious backlash. Just don’t do it.

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Kim Lachance Shandrow is a Los Angeles-based tech journalist who specializes in writing about iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones, as well as social media marketing, startups, streaming TV, apps and green technology.

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Affiliate Marketing – Getting Started to Make Money Online

Get started in affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing – a form of online marketing using one site to drive traffic to another.

Basically you build a web site or landing page with links to a company or product you are affiliated with. When your traffic clicks on your links they are directed to the product or website you are advertising. When somone buys something from that site you are paid a commission on the total sale.

Successful affiliate marketers can earn upwards of $10,000 profit per month per website using many different types of advertising mediums such as landing pages, email marketing, article submissions, and joint ventures to name a few.

Affiliate marketing is not hard but it is work. Some of the things you must learn about are:

What Affiliate Marketing organization to join

Research the products you wish to sell and the buyers market

Successful methods of affiliate marketing

How to track what is bring you the most income and what needs to be improved or discarded.

There are many programs that will help you get started with your affiliate marketing campaign some of which will get you making money within the first 24 hours.

Understand though that these prgrams that will get you started quickly will have an investment, some up front cash that you will have to payout. What you are investing in is the knowledge and fats money making power the package brings you. Instead of spending several months surfing the internet looking for all the ways to make money online these packages show you How to make money Now.

I have purchased several affiliate marketing packages that got me started making money quickly and put me in a position to Fire my boss. The trick is finding which packages are just hype and which packages are worth investing in. Once you find a good package, invest in it, follow the instructions, and start down the road to financial success!

[] is an Affiliate Marketing method review site which reviews and rates the best ways to make money online.

The Teach Them Kids about Money team is dedicated to helping people find ways to make money online and reach their financial goals. Visit [] for more information.

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