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Wp Blur – Creative Social Media WordPress Plugin

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SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide

Tactics And Strategies For Creating A Compelling, Search Engine-friendly Site Using Advanced SEO And A Traffic Generating Network Of Social Media Sites. No Hype, Just Facts And Details Showing ‘how To’ Execute From A 15yr. Marketing Professional.

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Social Media Profits

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Facebook Marketing Solutions: Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed

This Is A Guideline On How To Increase Traffic To Your Website With Facebook. There Are Proven Formulas That This Ebook Exposes That You Can Never Find Anywhere Else.

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On Social Media, Share Content That Makes Your Followers Say ‘Holy Smokes!’ (Video)

Social media can be a great way to for entrepreneurs to engage with customers, provide customer service and even make a few sales. But it can also be time consuming and not immediately generate the results you might be after.

So what’s a business owner to do? We spoke with online marketing expert Jason Falls for a live Google Hangout, “Tap Into the Power of Social Media for Business,” during which he answered your most pressing questions. Here are three key takeaways from the conversation:

1. Your content should be so good your followers say, ‘Holy Smokes!’
The point here is to give people a compelling reason to follow you on social media — namely content that gives your audience value and evokes an emotional response. Falls cited a Cisco advertisement that uses humor to promote an otherwise boring product: its ASR 9000 router. “They were able to make a $150,000 router sexy,” Falls said.

Extend this philosophy to your social strategy. Instead of simply asking that people follow you on Twitter or “Like” you on Facebook, give them a compelling reason for doing so.

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2. Share other people’s content.
Don’t just broadcast your own marketing messages. Sharing other people’s content can be an effective way to give your audience value without taking the trouble to create it yourself.

“Most mornings I get out there and select the 10 or 15 most useful articles on social media and digital marketing, and then share them throughout the day,” Falls said. Sharing content from other sources can also go a long way to generating credibility for yourself as a subject-matter expert.

3. Social media sites are not created equal.
Different people use different social media sites for different reasons. Instagram, for instance, appeals to people who love sharing great photos. And a business that has visually-appealing products or service might consider spending more time on Instagram or Facebook than others like Twitter or LinkedIn.

The key for business owners, of course, is to know which social media sites your audience is engaged with most. A good way to find out? Ask them, Falls said.

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Easy Social Media Marketing

Discover A Proven Strategy For Driving Your Marketing Message Deep Your Niche, While Sending A Rush Of Non Stop, Targeted Traffic To Your Website.

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What to Do When Customers Get Mean on Social Media

What to Do When Customers Get Mean on Social Media

There’s a growing army of unhappy, sometimes bitter and angry customers who take to social media to vent their frustrations about a brand’s products or services. Sometimes they can get so mean that their feedback is more an attack than a request for customer service.

No matter the size of your company, angry customer tirades can damage your reputation online. In my experience, you can encounter at least two types of unsatisfied customers communicating with you over social media:

A person who was genuinely hoping for a good experience with your product or service, had a bad experience and simply wants to vent and seek acknowledgment or a solution. 
Someone who actively uses social media to dissuade people from doing business with your company, and probably doesn’t care about your reply to his or her claims. This person hopes you do reply so he or she can drag you into a public fight.

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Either way, dealing with these types of angry customers should be an opportunity to show the world how your company cares about customer service and that you stand behind your brand. With the right strategy, you can turn foes into fans and win new customers at the same time. 

Here are five tips for responding to angry customers over social media:

1. Respond quickly. The longer someone waits for a reply the more steamed that person can become. Let the individual know publicly that you have heard his or her frustration or problem and that you’re on it.

2. Never show anger or engage in negative banter. Don’t stoop to an angry commentor’s level, as it can quickly escalate. Taking the high road and not replying with negativity sets you up for the win in the eyes of anyone who’s following along.

3. Be personal. The employees who manage your social media should sign their tweets or posts with their names or at least their initials to make the engagement more personable and real. Also be sure to address the customer by his or her name.

4. Work toward a resolution. Let the customer know that you’re going to do everything within your power to make the situation right. Don’t simply attempt to calm someone down and walk away.

5. Talk offline when necessary. Use direct messages on Twitter or email if the discussion is detailed. At least the initial response should be public, though, to let everyone know that you’re on the issue and that you care.

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When you do come to a resolution, be sure to post about it. If you don’t share the results, no one will know how you resolved the situation. This is your opportunity to show that you deliver top-notch customer service over social media.

If the negative comments persist, the person is most likely pushing you in hopes of seeing you falter publicly. All you can do is be polite, offer assistance and let the person — as well as everyone else watching — know that you’re doing everything you can. Try offering a free gift as a token of appreciation. Whatever you do, don’t engage in a public argument.

Have you had an unhappy customer contact you over social media? How did you handle it? Let us know in the comments below.

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An entrepreneur, investor, author and speaker, Scott Levy is founder and CEO of SEO and social media firm Fuel Online, which is based in Nashville, Tenn.

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