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Is There Such a Thing As the Internet Making Money For You?

Unfortunately these systems will always appeal to people who are looking for “get rich quick scheme” that will create them instant wealth overnight & when this doesn’t happen the systems out there that do work are usually thought as of money scams. So to remove the uncertainty & not waste your money on these over hyped products, it is better to set up your own online business but with the help of successful entrepreneurs that have made mistakes and share with you the right way to do it.

Wealthy people understand that creating wealth involves leveraging their time and money. And that’s why they have a lot of poor and middle class working for them. But what is leverage, really? Well, as Tony Robins would say it’s influence, power, force, and control. Simply put, leverage is doing more and more with less and less. Less of what? Less time, less effort, less energy, less worry, less investment. More of what? More income, more results, more value, more free time. If you’re currently trading your TIME for MONEY, you can only exchange about 14-15 hours a day and only earn so much (and you’re literally selling your life). But if you can LEVERAGE time and have systems set up that run on their own, there’s virtually no limit to how much you can earn. So… the true secret to living an abundant life is not to get a great job, but to learn how to leverage your life. This has obviously been made more and more possible by having the internet at our finger tips…

Now there are certain forms of leverage that most people have absolutely no clue about. These are only used by a very small majority of every society who use it to live a life of abundance. The funny thing is, the ones that don’t know about this kind of leverage are taught to believe that these things are too risky! Ironically, that’s exactly why they never become wealthy themselves. How do you leverage Time? Well, one of the most popular ways is to become a business owner – this is someone who leverages his time by having people work for him, and/or owns a network marketing business where they earn a percentage from other people’s efforts (their downline). The other way is to be an Investor – someone who uses money as leverage. How do you leverage Money? You let other people’s money work for you. * Your bank makes money with your money * Your insurance company makes money with your money * Your mortgage company makes money with your money As far as specific business is concerned,

I don’t think there is one magic secret that will give you all the answers. I think that there are basics and fundamentals that will help you build a successful business. The proper mindset is the hidden key that many are looking for however. Just think of the opportunity we have before us now.We have the world at our finger tips. Literally the World Wide Web more like the World Wide Cash Machine. Think of how many customers or clients we can offer our services too. Truly Amazing! All we need to know is… What is the PIN number? Once we know that we can withdraw as much as we want. Well…..what is the PIN number you might ask? Very simply… it is Online Marketing. If you can become a master at this, then you will never have to worry about your finances again. What I mean is Effective Online Marketing – not just throwing a bunch of money into the web and generating business like that. I mean using as little cash as possible to generate the biggest return. Yes, there are still costs associated with marketing of any sort. Whether the cost is time or money, there is always a cost.

I have over the years tried many of the so called “systems” which make huge promises and ask you to part with money but guess what – I made no money!! It was here that I decided to start my own online business but using tools of successful entrepreneurs where the ideas I that I was going to implement were tried and tested. This together with focus, determination and lot’s of hard work have allowed me to be successful.


Andy Britnell


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Ad:tech London, Coming Soon — Meet Us There!

Ad:tech London 2012 starts in just a few days, and GetResponse is exhibiting at booth 279, September 19-20. So if you plan to be in London this week, be sure to visit Olympia Hall and meet the GetResponse team. We can’t wait to see you there!

Ad:tech is the largest marketplace for digital media communities — a place to connect, buy, sell and exchange ideas. Since its inception, ad:tech has been shaping industry trends and creating new perspectives on digital media.

This year ad:tech London features seminars and keynote speeches from top digital-media thinkers and leaders, including: Steve Vranakis (Google), Bruce Daisely (Twitter), Andy Bownam (PR Newswire), Jonathan Allan (Channel 4), Nick Adams (Mindshare) and many others.

So join us this Wednesday, September 19th for a quick chat. Register free (there’s still time) to enter keynotes, seminars and the networking party.

Dates: September 19-20, 2012

Location: National Hall, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX


The GetResponse team will be there, so give them a Tweet:

Mick Griffin, Business Development Executive, ? @MickGriffin

Michal Chadala, Business Development Executive, @mchadala

Mack Gorski, Education Expert @MaciejGorskiGR

Pawel Wroclawski, Senior Account Manager, GetResponse360

Or if you’d like to set up a meeting, please use this form:

You can find the team at Booth #279, ready to answer all your questions about GetResponse Email Marketing and GetResponse 360, our high-volume email marketing solution. You can also learn more about GetResponse Affiliate Program.

We can’t wait to meet-up with you, so give us a shout!

Hanna is Communication and Marketing Specialist for GetResponse and the latest addition to the Team. She gained her experience writing for other specialty blogs and as a copywriter, translator, teacher and interpreter. She is also an enthusiast of social media and viral marketing.

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