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The 5 Biggest Twitter Marketing Fails of 2012

The 5 Biggest Twitter Marketing Fails of 2012

Social media marketing can be hard to master. When done right, it can strengthen your brand value and ideally even your bottom line. When done wrong, it can alienate consumers and thrash your reputation.

Here’s a look at five of the worst corporate mistakes over Twitter this year, and what other business owners can learn from them: 

January 18: McDonald’s hashtag gone wrong. McDonald’s (@McDonald’s) created the #McDstories hashtag on Twitter to inspire customers to share personal stories about their favorite McDonald’s moments. What McDonald’s didn’t bargain for was that customers would share both good and bad stories. And share they did — everything from allegedly crunching on fingernail clippings in Big Macs to getting food poisoning. The fast food mammoth yanked the #McDstories campaign only two hours after launching it, but a quick search on Twitter shows that the hijacked hashtag still goes on strong.

Lesson: You can’t control what consumers will say using your hashtag, and they can be hijacked by negative comments that can never be taken back.

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January 27: Snickers gets caught paying for celebrity tweets. Marketers from Snickers’ U.K. branch (@SnickersUK) were hungry for retweets when they hired British model and reality TV start Jordon (aka Katie Price) to tweet about topics she likely would never normally tweet about, including Eurozone debt and China’s gross domestic product. Jordan followed up her rash of out-of-character tweets with a message about feeling like herself again thanks to Snickers. The stunt left many of Jordan’s followers reeling for thinking her Twitter account had been hacked.

Lesson: Pranking consumers in clever ways can draw attention to your brand, but usually not the right kind.

February 5: Toyota Camry drives away potential drivers. The Japanese car giant created nine Twitter accounts to get the word out about the new Camry during the Super Bowl. Toyota (@Toyota) then tweeted — in this case, spammed — unsolicited messages about a Camry giveaway contest to anyone using a Super Bowl-related hashtag. The ensuing consumer backlash prompted Toyota to close all its “The Camry Effect” promotional Twitter accounts and issue an apology.

Lesson: Impersonal mass marketing tweets can alienate customers. Stick to unique, personalized messages that engage consumers one-on-one.

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October 3: KitchenAid cooks up a half-baked political tweet. On this day, KitchenAid’s Twitter feed (@KitchenAidUSA) wasn’t about cooking with the company’s famous kitchen appliances. It was about politics. After Barack Obama mentioned his late grandmother during a presidential debate earlier that evening, the person running KitchenAid’s Twitter feed tweeted an insensitive comment about her and his campaign. The individual responsible for the inappropriate tweet was relieved of his duties and the company was forced to clean up the mess.

Lesson: Your social media manager should adopt a tone that reflects your company’s image and keep his or her personal (and political) opinions out of your social media marketing.

October 29: Retailers’ Hurricane Sandy sale slip-ups. During the storm, Urban Outfitters (@UrbanOutfitters) tweeted: “This storm blows (but free shipping doesn’t)! Today only… #frankenstorm #ALLSOGGY” An email promoting the sale included an image of Frankenstein with the word “Frankenstorm” on it. American Apparel, The Gap and Sears got in on the Sandy storm sale action on Facebook and Twitter, too. Angry reactions to these inappropriate sales still continue on Twitter.

Lesson: Attempting to make money on and exploit others’ suffering in times of crisis can cause serious backlash. Just don’t do it.

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Kim Lachance Shandrow is a Los Angeles-based tech journalist who specializes in writing about iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones, as well as social media marketing, startups, streaming TV, apps and green technology.

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Twitter Eliminates Its Discover Tab

Introduced back in 2011, the company is all set to retire its “Discover” Tab.

Twitter Inc. is one of the most active and used social media networking platforms these days. It has provided users with one of the greatest platforms where freedom of speech is appreciated. A micro blogging social media platform that allows users to share anything within the limited 140 characters, however, it still trails Facebook in the market. Recently, the company is in the process to renew its business strategies in order to become the best social media platform. From changing interfaces to revamp Trends, Twitter is all in to make it happen.

The company has a “Discover” tab on its platform page, which tells about the highlighted quality content. However, it is reported that the company is planning to drop this tab and come up with some alternative. This is not new for the company, as it has been making changes in its Trends feed part for quite a long time. In late 2000s, the company experimented with an ‘I Ate A Donut’ campaign, which failed. Since then, it was looking for ways to regain its reputation and hence, came up with an idea to introduce Discover tab in 2011.

Despite of the fact that it follows Facebook in the market in terms of users, activities, sales, and business, its platform has become the most favored when it comes to breaking news. However, the Discover tab was not accessed most when compared to the Twitter home feeds. Hence, it has announced to retire the tab in order to bolster its “Trending” feature by “adding a trending list to its existing search function as a way for users to see the most popular hash tags and topics.”

Market sources state, “Instead of Discover’s fumbling attempt serve personalized content in a separate tab, the revamped Trends feature adds brief descriptions and lightweight analytics (total tweets, trending direction) within Twitter’s search function on mobile. In categorizing and describing trends on-the-fly, Twitter wants to help users make sense of not just the churn of tweets, but the flow of what everyone is talking about, pushing interaction and making Twitter a more navigable hub of activity.”

The platform’s main aim is to become more user friendly for those who are new to the social media platform. It is struggling to achieve it, as we are observing many changes lately in the interface and mechanism of the company.

However, the business is all set to achieve it by revamping the Trends feed. Let us see how this will tailor tweets and make the platform interesting for existing and new users. 

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Twitter Ads For User Profile To Come Soon

Twitter is all set to bring its app’s signature ad unit to people’s profile pages.

Twitter is named in the list of Facebook and other most used social media networking platforms. The company has provided its users with a micro blogging platform where they can enter any text, limiting it to 140 characters, to share their experiences and feelings. As it is known that most of the social media networking platforms do their businesses and generate major chunk of their revenues through advertisements, hence companies are now more focused to bring advertisements on their websites.

Therefore, Twitter is also focused to slightly change its strategies and focus more on advertisements. Recently Twitter introduced more than enough digital ads on the timeline of users. Moreover, it also surpassed Yahoo to become the third largest seller of digital ads in the market. This all tells that Twitter is taking it seriously to generate higher revenues through ads hence further take on Facebook and Google in the market who are currently dominates the digital ads sector.

With all this going, Twitter also hinted that it would consider introducing ads to users’ profile in the coming times. According to sources, the company confirmed today that it is all set to launch advertisements within user profiles. As it is believed, Twitter launching ads is not new to the social media world but specifically advertising on users’ profiles is a new experience that the company will share with other social media giants.

The spokesperson of the company said in a statement “We’re experimenting with this feature, as we do with all our ad features, in order to create great experiences for our users, advertisers and partners.”

In recent times, the company’s app’s signature ad unit is the “promoted tweets” section. Mashable reports “Promoted tweets on profiles is one in a series of Twitter’s experiments as it continues its long, ambitious climb from $1.4 billion in annual revenues last year to its “strictly hypothetical” target of $14 billion in 2024.” Hence the company plans on bringing it to the profile pages of all users as a part of its new test. Users, when go to others users’ profiles, will be shown some specific targeted ads on the page once Twitter officially launches this service.

Recode reports “The ads are separated from other tweets by a small bumper that creates a break in the stream, and a label that reads ‘Suggested by Twitter’ — you can see an example at the bottom of this post. A company spokesperson confirmed Twitter is testing the new ad placement.”

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Merry Christmas: Time to Snuggle Up with Facebook, Twitter

Merry Christmas: Time to Snuggle Up with Facebook, Twitter

For many business owners, the lead-up to the holidays is jackpot time. It’s when we are the busiest, cranking through everything that our customers need. We’re on turbo-drive and it feels good.

Then boom. The holidays hit, and the world suddenly stops. Most people see this as a relief, a time to unplug, have a few cookies and turn off the computer for a few weeks.

Not entrepreneurs. There’s a hidden opportunity during this holiday lull, a time to be the most productive you’ve been all year.

While others drink eggnog, you could be doing something that will set you up for success next year, something you rarely have time for.

Spend some real time getting to know your customers better.

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As the rest of the world settles down for a long winter’s nap, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to spend time plugging into their customers. But it isn’t a time to focus on the business. It’s a time to learn about your customer’s lives — stresses, happiness, worries, hobbies, families — anything really important to them.

Figure out what motivates your key audience. Listen to what is going on in their lives, so that you can figure out how your product fits in and where you can add value.

This advice might sound obvious, but be honest: How well do you really know your customers?

You can try getting to know them the old-fashioned way, in person or on the phone, but social media has opened up a whole new, more productive way. As one of the biggest advancements in market research and relationship marketing in decades, social media allows us to get to know our customers like never before, and observe how they are living. Actually, we can do more than just observe, we can live right beside them.

Social media gives entrepreneurs a window into what our customers are thinking, feeling, and doing, an inside window to discover ways that we can help them. That’s where the productive part comes in: creating ways to help customers.

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Figuring out how to help your customers will grow your business. By understanding their needs, you can transform your business to suit them, not you, and you will flourish.

This inside knowledge doesn’t automatically translate to sales. It’s what you do with it that makes a difference. This information must create an emotional benefit for your customers. Not just the functioning of your business, but a real emotional connection with your customers.

By creating an emotional benefit you will do something magical: You will turn your business into a brand. You will create a brand that transcends your product and differentiates it from your competitors. You will transform your customers from needing your products to wanting your brand. That’s the power of an emotional connection: a brand that your customers will want over and over again, because they have an emotional attachment.


Because you understand them, you get them and you serve their needs not just functionally but emotionally . . . they will reward you for it.

Spend the holidays getting to know your customers and creating an emotional benefit. Then it will be the most wonderful time of the year. 

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Jim Joseph is the North American president of New York-based communications agency Cohn & Wolfe, part of the media company WPP Group PLC. Author of The Experience Effect (AMACOM, 2010) and The Experience Effect for Small Business (Happy About, 2012), Joseph also teaches marketing at New York University and blogs at

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Instagram: No, Our Photos Won’t Display Correctly on Twitter

Instagram: No, Our Photos Wont Display Correctly on Twitter

This week’s need-to-know social-media news.

Instagram’s stylishly filtered photos haven’t been appearing correctly on Twitter lately, showing up either in awkward sizes or oddly cropped. It’s a problem, especially for users who have their Instagram account directly connected to Twitter.

More bad news: It doesn’t look like there will be a solution to the problem any time soon. It appears the distancing between the two platforms was a conscious decision. “We wanted to make sure we direct users to where the content lives originally, so they get the full Instagram experience,” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said in a recent report. Back in July, Twitter blocked Instagram users from using Twitter to find friends. 

For now, businesses might consider using a different platform, such as Twitpic, for sharing photos with their Twitter audience. — PR Daily

Microsoft’s ‘Socl’ network launches.
Tech giant Microsoft spent months quietly building Socl, a media-sharing site that allows users to create photo collages, watch videos with friends in real time while chatting together and more. Socl has officially launched, but could it be a next-level media and brand-building platform? We think it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. — Microsoft Fuselabs

Foursquare to display event listings for businesses.
Your small business can now post events that will be displayed in Foursquare users’ search results and in your Foursquare profile. The location-based social tool apparently aims to demonstrate its value to businesses as a means of drawing more customers. — SocialTimes

Tech company loses Twitter followers in suit against former employee.
The $340,000 lawsuit that a web company brought last year against a former employee who allegedly stole 17,000 Twitter followers when he left the company has been settled. While the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, the employee reportedly will maintain control of his Twitter account and all of his followers. The lesson here: Have a social media policy that spells out your ownership of social media accounts to avoid any potential legal disputes with employees. — AllTwitter

Crime doesn’t pay on social media.
File this under “how not to build your personal brand”: A 19-year-old Nebraska woman held up a bank, made off with more than $6,000 in a stolen car and then bragged about it in a video on YouTube entitled “Chick bank robber.” Inevitably — given that she wore the same clothes in her video that she had worn to rob the bank — police arrested her, and she now faces jail time. — NY Daily News

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